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Jenni Bergal


Tackling Social Inequity, Some Cities May Ditch Bus, Subway Fares

Fare revenue covers on average 30% of transit agencies’ operating costs.

Tech & Data

Hackers Threaten to Release Police Records, Knock 911 Offline

Prosecutors have dropped criminal cases because hackers cut off access to evidence.

Health & Human Services

Need a COVID-19 Vaccine? Visit Your Local Transit Center

Transit agencies across the country are giving free rides to vaccine sites and some are hosting clinics in their facilities.


States' Covid-era Budget Surpluses Could Pay For Infrastructure

Some states want to put unanticipated surplus dollars into transportation infrastructure projects.

Health & Human Services

Vaccine Signups Cater to the Tech-Savvy, Leaving Out Many

Older adults, low-income residents and people in rural areas with poor internet connections are among those facing difficulties registering for Covid-19 vaccine appointments online.

Tech & Data

State Capitols Brace for Cyberattacks, Too

As state capitols prepare for the threat of rioters in the days ahead, information technology experts warn that officials must beef up not only physical security but also cybersecurity.


Cocktails To-Go Help Restaurants Stay Afloat

“It’s not a huge chunk of sales, but it’s something, and right now, something counts," says one restauranteur.


Suspended Road Tests Give Teens Easier Route to Licenses

Safety groups worry about inexperienced teens behind the wheel.

Public Safety

States Halt Jury Trials Again, Leaving Many Defendants in Jail

The pandemic-related backlog of cases could take years to plow through.


Curbside Pickup Is a Lifeline for Eateries. How Long Can It Last?

At least 100 cities have set up curbside pickup zones for restaurants.

Public Safety

Three More States Say Yes to Hands-Free Laws for Drivers

New laws aimed at reducing distracted driving are going into effect in Idaho, Indiana and South Dakota.