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Mark Pomerleau

Mark Pomerleau is a former editorial fellow with GCN and Defense Systems.

West Point cadets gain cyber experience in Silicon Valley internships

West Point has partnered with a small Silicon Valley startup to give cadets a chance to learn from network security professionals.


Vermont’s disaster prep exercise includes cyber response

As part of the Vigilant Guard exercise, the Vermont National Guard will provide a cyber exercise range that will simulate an intrusion within a power distribution network.

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DARPA aims to manage satellite-saturated space

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s new Hallmark program aims to develop a testbed of tools to detect, track and identify all artificial objects in Earth orbit.

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DHS seeks info on counter-drone tech

The information collected will help law enforcement and public safety officials make informed purchasing decisions.

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DISA pushes analytic power to the tip of the spear

Updates to the Big Data Platform will allow users to define a subset of data for analytic processing, write free-form queries and get results in user-friendly dashboards.

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Fitbit for the battlefield? Not just yet.

The biggest challenge is extracting actionable data from commercial devices, an Air Force Research Lab official says.


Cyber Guard marshals resources from government, industry

Over 100 public and private sector organizations gathered to test response and coordination in the event of a cyberattack on the nation’s critical infrastructure.

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Navy creates a 'safe space' for cyber innovation

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Rapid Innovation Center provides the military with sandboxes to test and develop new devices without fear of compromising network systems -- and the "brain space" to explore those ideas.


Army network modernization drives security, bandwidth improvements

Migrating to cloud architectures could help the Army improve security and bandwidth, according to some Army officials.


DOD to eliminate common access cards

The Defense Department’s CIO announced a two-year plan to phase out CAC use on information systems.

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DOD bringing recruitment into the digital age

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said he wants to reinvigorate the recruitment process with digital workflows and microtargeting.

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An undersea drone for developers

Bluefin Robotics’ SandShark combines core vehicle systems with a modular payload area and an open development platform.


Tools to track stolen data through the dark web

Although the information that is lifted from government or corporate networks by criminals is a hot commodity on the dark web, tools are being developed to help officials track their stolen data.

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DHS optimizes website for mobile

The Department of Homeland Security revamped its website making it more friendly to mobile devices.


Network defense must improve as hacking profession matures

Knowing more about organized cybercriminals and the malware marketplace can help IT managers better defend the enterprise, Kaspersky Lab says.

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DARPA wants to teach machines how to learn

The Fundamental Limits of Learning program aims to build a theoretical framework for teaching machines to generalize their existing knowledge to new situations.


DHS calls for secure mobile app research

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for a series of automated and secure-by-design tools for mobile apps that assist developers, analysts and security or network operators.

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CBP seeks guidance for drone integration

An official from Customs and Border Protection urged lawmakers to help speed rules to allow the use of small drones for border surveillance.

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NRO adds cubesats to its fleet

With the small, inexpensive cubesats, missions for National Reconnaissance Office and its partners are now more affordable.