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Stephanie Kanowitz

Stephanie Kanowitz is a freelance writer based in northern Virginia.
Digital Government

Lessons from one state’s effort to modernize its criminal justice system

New York’s sweeping 2020 law sought to accelerate pre-trial processes with technology upgrades. But the state’s experience offers lessons for other jurisdictions undertaking similar efforts to modernize the justice system.


Graying prisons face accelerating health care needs

Rapidly growing numbers of older inmates with diabetes, dementia and liver disease are forcing states to reevaluate early release policies and the social safety nets that might prevent incarceration.


Job opportunities targeting workers with ADHD and autism gain traction

North Carolina wants to attract more neurodivergent people to IT work. It is one of many such initiatives in government.

Digital Government

How generative AI is being used to put the humanity back into government

Non-English speaking residents of Minnesota can more easily access driver and vehicle services thanks to a new generative AI-based virtual assistant that automatically translates English into Hmong, Spanish and Somali.


How one state pushes cybersecurity to local agencies

Arizona’s whole-of-state cybersecurity program gives local governments free access to cloud-based cybersecurity tools—an approach that extends security and helps build a problem-solving community.

Emerging Tech

State shifts mobile driver’s licenses into higher gear

Thanks to the growing adoption of smartphone wallets and mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Colorado officials expect the state’s mDL to gain wide acceptance.

Digital Government

Data helps some states boost renewals amidst Medicaid unwinding

Ex parte renewals, or those that use available data sources to redetermine Medicaid eligibility without requiring information from the individual, place the burden on the system—not on the participants or staff.


Ways procurement can push efficiency and sustainability

By wringing more efficiency out of the buying process and building sustainability into statewide contracts, California’s Department of General Services aims to help the state meet its aggressive sustainability goals.


States put buying power to work for local governments

When states drive cooperative procurements, local agencies can take advantage of volume discounts, experienced contracting officers and a streamlined process.

Public Safety

How one city streamlined emergency evacuations

Officials in Berkeley, California, can send mass messages as well as targeted, zone-based evacuation alerts, cutting the city’s alert time from hours to minutes.

Digital Government

How to bake data-based evaluations into relief programs

A new initiative looks to help local leaders alleviate poverty and advance economic mobility using data to invest in evidence-based programs and evaluate innovative ideas.

Digital Government

Cities extract mobility insights from ride-hailing company data

With access to real-time mobility data from a variety of sources, cities can improve transit efficiency and meet sustainability, accessibility and equity goals.

Digital Government

In-house tools sped up tax refunds in this county

The Travis County, Texas, Auditor’s Office has reduced the time it takes to process property tax audits by 91%.

Digital Government

How one city broke down its data silos

Tacoma, Washington, is using the cloud to bridge information silos across its 25 distinct departments and improve reporting.


Air taxis are taking off. Cities should start planning now.

A new report can help cities weigh safety, access and equity considerations when deciding where to locate air taxi hubs.

Digital Government

How One State Tracks Down Cartographic ‘Phantoms’

To improve the accuracy of its maps, the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office is weeding out small rural communities that no longer exist.


How Targeted Emails Help One Agency Fill Critical Jobs

The Oregon Department of Transportation is using data software to target recruitment emails to potential job candidates.

Emerging Tech

How AI Is Making One Smart City Even Smarter

Coral Gables, Florida, is leveraging the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, to improve how it responds and interacts with citizens.

Digital Government

Damage Assessment Tool Streamlines Data Collection for Disaster Prep, Response, Recovery

Hurricane season is officially underway, and one county in Florida is looking to utilize the cloud to build on lessons learned during one of the state's most devastating hurricanes.

Digital Government

A Defense Against Phishing Attacks, One Simulated Email at a Time

With a platform that trains staff not to click on links in seemingly relevant emails, San Francisco cut the click rate on test emails by 50% in the first 18 months.