Hard Work Isn’t the Point of the Office

COMMENTARY | The pandemic disrupted soft work—the gossip, eavesdropping, and casual relationship-building that aren’t a formal part of your job.


Disinformation May Be the New Normal, Election Officials Fear

Races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia this year could face election falsehoods.

Tech & Data

How State and Local Agencies Can Better Protect Mobile Devices from Hackers

COMMENTARY | Devices like smartphones and tablets can present extra cybersecurity risks, a significant concern as more public employees work remotely.

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The Road Map to Service Continuity

Over the last few years, government agencies have slowly embraced cloud technologies as a way to increase efficiencies and reduce overhead costs. That is, until the pandemic hit.

Public Safety

The Potential Flaw in How Many Big City Police Officers are Assigned to Neighborhoods

A new study finds that getting more experienced officers into higher crime districts could have a number of upsides, including reduced violent crime rates.

Public Safety

A State Moves to Establish a Process for Revoking Police Officer’s Licenses

California is one of just four states without such a system in place. A bill that would change that is awaiting Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature.


Biden Administration Asks Local Governments to Set Housing Goals

HUD's new ‘House America’ initiative aims to increase the number of affordable housing units and to reduce the number of unhoused people across the country.


Another Truth About Remote Work

COMMENTARY | A misconception about the prevalence of working from home explains a lot about confirmation bias in America.


The Most and Least Tax-Friendly States for Middle-Class Families

A recent ranking looks at the sum of taxes paid in different states by a hypothetical family earning $77,000 a year.

Public Safety

States Use Hurricane Ida Damage to Push Infrastructure Bill

Governors of both parties are lobbying Congress to ensure resilience measures are included.

Health & Human Services

Supply of Antibody Drugs Could Drop in Some States as Feds Take Over Distribution

The Biden administration announced the new policy after a handful of states, most of them with low vaccination rates, accounted for nearly three-fourths of orders for the Covid-19 monoclonal antibody treatment.


Public Works Agencies Hit by Rising Prices and Supply Delays

That’s on top of longer standing troubles filling jobs. The trio of challenges is stacking up at a pivotal moment for infrastructure spending in the U.S.

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Success Strategies for Multicloud Management

Maintaining governance and control over several cloud resources, as well as legacy infrastructure, is critical.


Infrastructure, Budget Bills Estimated to Support 4M Jobs

The budget bill would add 1.1 million jobs related to caregiving alone, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Smart Cities

Transition to Permanent Remote Work Will Disrupt High-Cost Urban Areas

Cities will need to show residents who can do their jobs from most anywhere why they should continue living in densely packed places, according to new research.

Tech & Data

Cybercriminals Use Pandemic to Attack Schools and Colleges

COMMENTARY | Almost 1,700 schools and colleges were hacked in 2020. Ignoring threats to cybersecurity now can be quite costly in the future.


The Worker Shortages Plaguing the Public Sector

There are a variety of reasons New York is struggling to maintain essential services.

Health & Human Services

‘Love Your Block’ Grants Headed to Rural and Urban Cities

Each city will receive $100,000 and expert help from Cities of Service to quell the negative impact of abandoned and deteriorating properties.


Boston Will Elect Someone Other Than a White Man as Mayor for the First Time

Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George, both women of color, will advance to the two-person general mayoral election set for November 2.

Health & Human Services

The States Where Afghan Evacuees Will Resettle

Forty-six states will receive Afghan evacuees, including special immigrant visa holders who assisted the United States military.