Is Participatory Budgeting Coming to a Local Government Near You?

Amid an influx of billions of federal dollars, some think the tool may see an uptick in use.

State & Local Roundup: Bank Collapses Add to Worries for State and Local Officials

Plus: Lawmakers want to tighten SNAP work requirements; Conservatives continue DEI assault; A potential labor strike in L.A.; and more news you can use from around the country.

An Attack on Auditor Independence Jeopardizes One State’s Fiscal Future

The Iowa Senate passed a bill that severely limits its auditor’s access to critical documents. The ramifications could be severe.

Biden Administration Unveils Plan to Boost Affordable Housing

Housing advocates have praised the president’s budget proposal, which would give housing programs a $1.1 billion bump.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

House GOP Tightens Rules for Earmarks

The move will likely limit future funding for state and local government projects in the areas of education, human services and workforce development, as well as for government operations.

State & Local Roundup: The Child Tax Credit Gets a Boost

President Biden this week proposed bringing back the 2021 expanded credit amidst moves by states to enact their own. Plus: A red state pot rebuke; Tennessee restricts Nashville’s city council; Boston transit troubles; and more news you can use from around the country.

Here’s What’s In Biden’s Budget Plan for State and Local Governments

The administration, among other things, wants to dramatically increase funding for housing and restore the child tax credit.

5 Ways Local Governments Can Make Spending Smarter

COMMENTARY | There’s a lot wrong with the way governments purchase goods and services. But there are also ways to bring creativity and efficiency to procurement, harnessing it for innovation and economic growth.

Colorado Expands Unemployment Insurance—And Others Are Watching Closely

Colorado’s low-cost approach to getting benefits out the door quickly could provide a model for adapting or modernizing public assistance programs elsewhere.

Republicans Want to Incentivize States to Recover Stolen Unemployment Benefits

The House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill this week that would let states keep 25% of any money they recover that was fraudulently obtained or improperly given out.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship Boosts Economic Growth

COMMENTARY | States should direct more money from incentives to small businesses and entrepreneurs and less to attracting large companies.

Feds to Hand Out $39B to Chip Makers in Workforce Development Subsidies

To access the funding, companies will not only need to show how they plan to train and recruit workers, but also how they will provide child care.

Treasury Reopens ‘Help Desk’ for States and Localities

The call center, which fielded 300 calls and about 2,000 emails a week before it was shut down, provided governments with assistance on the handling of various pandemic-related programs.

There's 'Clear Evidence' of Bias in Past US State Spending

COMMENTARY | New research shows a direct link between constituent race, class, and immigration status and US state spending between 1921 and 1961.

‘Catastrophic Financially.’ What It Means for Cities If the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

A default on the federal level could discourage investors from providing the money cities need to function, build affordable housing, fix roads and make other improvements.

How One County Fixed Its Broken Property Tax System

Property taxes are considered the ultimate “fair” tax. But that fairness hinges on the assumption that homes are being assessed accurately, regularly and thoroughly.

Some Towns Get Funding Boost from Census Corrections

Census population count corrections have started to roll out, but officials say the bureau needs to be more transparent about the process as valuable funding opportunities remain on the line.

The Worker Shortage Is Real. Could Tech Help Governors Close Gaps?

Business leaders pointed to high-tech job training and tools like artificial intelligence as possible solutions to the historic shortage of workers.

Local Governments Still Counting on Pandemic Aid Despite Clawback Threat

Officials continue to deal with food insecurity, rising housing costs and learning gaps as House Republicans consider whether to recall American Rescue Plan Act funds in the Treasury Department's coffers.