Rat Czar Isn’t the Only Weird Government Job in New York City

The city drew attention for its job-posting with a salary up to $170,000 a year, seeking someone to take the lead combatting rats. But the rodent chief wouldn't be the only intriguing or bizarre position on the Big Apple's public sector payroll.

Number of Women Elected to State Legislature Seats Hits New Record

But nationwide they are still short of equal representation in statehouses compared to men.

Not Super Creative? Try This Approach

COMMENTARY | Looking at emotional situations in a different way can boost creativity among people who tend to think more conventionally, a study finds.

'I Don’t Know Where I’m Going to Go': HUD Displaces Even More Residents in This Small City

HUD already closed four public housing complexes in the Cairo, Ill., area. Now the federal agency is set to demolish a high-rise, gutting the city of some of its last affordable housing.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

The Nation’s Vacant Homes Present an Opportunity — and a Problem

Americans who need housing often aren’t in the same places as the vacant houses.

‘Right Leader for This Time’: League of Cities Gets a New President

Mayor Victoria Woodards of Tacoma, Washington, who stepped into the National League of Cities’ leadership role earlier this month, spoke to Route Fifty about her priorities for the group.

New York City Will Cut Some of Its 21,000 Vacant Government Positions

As the city eliminates more unfilled jobs, its ability to hire for crucial remaining positions and retain existing employees is key.

Beaver Dams Lessen Damage From Droughts

COMMENTARY | American beavers' prolific dam building benefits river water quality so much, it outweighs the damaging influence of climate-driven droughts.

This Pennsylvania County Ran Out of Ballot Paper on Election Day. Now the District Attorney is Investigating

One week later, angry voters demand to know why Luzerne County polling places had ballot shortages.

Twitter Turbulence Under Elon Musk Poses Headache For Governments

States and localities have come to depend on the social media platform to get information out in emergencies and other situations. But a surge in imposter accounts has some worried.

Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than $1 an Hour. The State Says It’s Fine If That Never Changes

Sheltered workshops are meant to employ disabled adults as they prepare to enter the regular workforce. In Missouri, these workers rarely graduate to higher-paying jobs.

With Arizona Win, Democratic Governors Hang Tough in Midterms

Vulnerable incumbents defended their seats, as the party also managed to take control of three governorships held by Republicans, while only ceding one to the GOP.

New US Industrial Policy Creates Incentives for High-quality Jobs

COMMENTARY | The last few years have been big for federal industrial policy, funneling billions into industries that have historically been union-friendly and well paying. Here's how those laws can change the labor market for the better.

Government Employee Input—‘Shark Tank’ Style

Missouri has a way for frontline state employees to pitch ideas to high-level judges in hopes of getting them implemented. It's based on a reality TV show.

The Curse of Straight-ticket Voting

COMMENTARY | The wave that hit state government elections this year had mostly to do with cementing single party control. It’s a trend that’s keeping good candidates on the sidelines, flawed ones in office and eroding checks on power.

Democrats Win Full Control of Government in More States

In places like Michigan, they secured majorities in legislatures and hold governors’ offices. But the GOP still maintains greater sway in statehouses and the political rifts between blue and red states seem to be growing more ingrained.

Split Results in Marijuana Legalization Votes

Measures to legalize recreational cannabis won approval in two states, and failed in three.

Kansas' Democratic Governor Hangs on for Second Term

Laura Kelly edged out her GOP challenger in a closely watched race. Meanwhile, Republican Kris Kobach, a lightning rod figure during his time as Kansas' secretary of state, made a political comeback and will become the state's next AG.

DeSantis Dominates in Winning Second Term

The Florida governor's victory comes as questions swirl around whether he'll run for president in 2024.

Shapiro Claims Victory Over Mastriano in Pennsylvania Governor's Race

“We have to keep coming together to make progress," he said after clinching the win.