Other 'zombie' state laws, like Arizona's, on abortion, LGBTQ+ issues and more could resurface

COMMENTARY | It might seem unnecessary for a state legislature to repeal a law that is not enforced or has been superseded by a more recent law, but the recent Arizona abortion ban shows the consequences of assuming that old laws will always remain dormant.

Governors roundly condemn Alabama ruling that effectively halts IVF

Republican leadership in the state is working on legislation that would narrow the impact of the ruling after several Alabama fertility clinics halted the procedures.

Democrats prove they have staying power in state elections

Plus, abortion rights and pot legalization win in Ohio, Philadelphia elects its first woman mayor, and a falsely accused member of "Central Park Five" joins New York City council.

Ohio voted on abortion. Next year, 11 more states might, too.

The push for sending the contentious issue to voters comes on the heels of last year’s string of ballot measure wins for abortion rights in six states.

What to watch for in Tuesday’s high-stakes elections

Abortion rights are playing a pivotal role in elections in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Missouri becomes the 14th state with a majority-women supreme court

Abortion and gender-affirming care for trans youth could be among the issues the court faces.

Report: Abortions up nationwide post-Dobbs, soared in some states

Despite some states' attempts to restrict abortion access, the number of abortions have increased nationwide since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Some observers say the rise in patients seeking abortions could put a strain on clinics with limited resources and staff.

After power play fails, Ohio Republicans face more ballot measure challenges

State legislators wanted to stop the public from voting on abortion rights to redistricting. Similar fights are playing out nationwide, as conservative lawmakers try to make it harder for liberals to pass policies at the ballot box.

After enacting strict abortion laws, many states are turning to tax breaks for expectant parents

Four states have approved new tax credits or deductions that allow taxpayers to claim unborn children. Nearly a dozen are expected to follow. But do these laws actually help expectant mothers?

State Laws on Reproductive Services, Divisive Concepts Influence Enrollment Decisions

As students consider all the reasons to choose one college or another, state laws are a new factor for some to weigh.

Fight Between States Could Determine Fate of Abortion Pills

A tangle of lawsuits has prohibited, protected and limited access to a common medication for abortion. While long-term decisions have yet to be made, some states are planning ahead. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Top State Democrats Outline Legislative Priorities

Where the party has majorities, they hope to focus on issues like housing, voting rights and criminal justice. In GOP-controlled states, they want to hold the line against Republican proposals on abortion, school vouchers and guns.

Kentucky Becomes Second Conservative State to Reject Anti-abortion Amendment This Year

Following this summer’s vote in Kansas, the race could strengthen an argument that abortion restrictions are a losing issue, even in conservative states.

This Year's Hottest Contests to Control State Legislatures

Democrats hope concerns about abortion access will bolster their chances to retake key chambers. But Republicans say President Biden's flagging poll numbers will give GOP candidates an edge.

Does a Fetus Count in the Carpool Lane? Texas' Abortion Law Creates New Questions About Legal Personhood

A pregnant Texas woman said her fetus should count as a person in an HOV lane. That legal question is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thorny question of “personhood.”

Indiana Opens Special Session to Debate Near-total Abortion Ban

Lawmakers convene to introduce a near-total ban, just weeks after a 10-year-old had traveled to Indiana to receive an abortion unavailable in her home state.

More Young Voters Could Come Out to Vote in November, Sparked by Abortion and Other Hot Political Issues

One survey taken shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade shows that 78% of young people favor legal abortion.

Abortion Providers are Trying to Open New Clinics as Close as Possible to States with Bans

Providers hope the new clinics can help serve the surge of patients now expected to travel for abortions.

Combating Abortion Misinformation in the Post-Roe Environment

COMMENTARY | False information could get worse amid rapidly changing laws around abortion access. But states, employers and others have ways to quash these efforts.

USPS: It's Up to Mailers to Comply With State Laws on Abortion Pills

The Postal Service says it will not crack down on the mailings, while the Biden administration promises to use the mail to expand access to the pills.