City Government

'I Need to Find Water, and I Need to Find it Now': A Local Official Takes Disaster Relief Into Her Own Hands

Paige Ellis, a city council member in Austin, Texas tracked down 10 pallets of bottled water and distributed it across her district after winter storms left thousands in the state without power or water.

Equity Budgeting in Cities: Directing Dollars Where They’re Needed Most

A growing number of cities are turning to their budget offices to help treat historically underserved communities more fairly.

For Cities, Less Traffic Means Lost Revenue

Cities have seen parking fee and traffic fine collections drop during the pandemic as commuters and tourists stay home and enforcement is relaxed.

The 1970s Black Utopian City That Became a Modern Ghost Town

What the demise of an experimental Black town reveals about the struggle for racial equality today.

LAPD Investigates Claims that Employees Circulated Valentine Mocking George Floyd

The card featured a photo of Floyd under the words, "you take my breath away." The investigation, announced Saturday, is ongoing, officials said this week.

Grocery Groups Sue Over Mandated Hazard Pay for Workers

Two industry trade groups sued the city of Seattle over a new law requiring a $4-per-hour hazard pay raise.

Hackers Tried to Poison a City's Drinking Water Supply

The cyberattack used remote access to toggle levels of sodium hydroxide at a water treatment plant near Tampa, Florida, but an operator at the facility quickly fixed the problem, officials said.

Americans Don’t Know What Urban Collapse Really Looks Like

COMMENTARY | Neglect and inertia pose bigger threats to cities than the pandemic does.

Going to the Super Bowl? Grab a Face Mask to Avoid a Penalty

Masks will be required at the Feb. 7 game and in various outdoor venues and districts around Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, per an executive order issued by the city's mayor.

For Mayors, Biden Administration Marks End to a Turbulent Era

Mayors are embarking on a new, more upbeat, relationship with the White House after four often contentious years.

In The Sweetheart City, Love Endures—Even During Covid

Loveland, Colorado will celebrate the 75th year of its valentine re-mailing program, where people around the world send valentines to be marked with a special postmark and stamp en route to their final destinations.

Covid Caused Cities to Rework Rules for Restaurants. Which Changes Will Stick?

Over the past year, cities have taken action that’s ranged from streamlining permits for outdoor dining, to providing benches for restaurants to use for seating.

Baltimore is Latest City to Cap Delivery App Fees Paid by Restaurants

Other cities have enacted similar policies, meant to help restaurants struggling during the pandemic. At least one delivery app company has responded with a new customer surcharge.

Why COVID-19 Won’t Kill Cities

COMMENTARY | Two scholars who study cities explain why they think urban areas will endure—even if they don’t get aid from Congress.

Mayors Press Biden's Transportation Nominee on Direct Funding for Cities

"You've actually helped lobby on this very issue before," Austin's mayor reminded Pete Buttigieg, himself a former mayor.

Cities and Counties Honor Lives Lost to Covid-19

Communities across the country participated Tuesday in a national Covid-19 memorial, while others have erected more permanent reminders of those who have died during the pandemic.

'The Internet Has Made Us Dumber,' and Other Lessons Government Officials Learned in 2020

State and local officials weigh in on what they're taking from—and leaving behind in—the dumpster fire that was last year.

Proposed Safe-Injection Site in Philadelphia Found Illegal by Federal Appeals Court

The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-1 decision that found a plan to open the nation’s first supervised drug injection site violates a federal law passed to shut down crack houses.

New Bloomberg Philanthropies Competition Seeks Cities With Innovative Responses to Covid

Fifteen winners will receive $1 million each and other support to implement their ideas.

How Downtowns Can Rebound After the Pandemic

They have to offer more than office space.