City Government

New York City unveils AI action plan

The first of its kind for a major U.S. city, the strategy sets a framework for the responsible roll out of artificial intelligence by agencies.

How cities can navigate their state’s broadband preemption laws

The National League of Cities takes a look at how municipalities can expand broadband even when state authority may limit their ability to do so.

Chronic Lifeguard Shortage Serves as Springboard to Address Racial Inequities

Cities and towns are again in deep waters this summer trying to hire enough lifeguards to open their public pools. Many are proceeding with sensitivity to issues of race and ethnicity.

How NYC Officials Failed to Prepare for an Air Quality Crisis

"It’s been a lackluster, underwhelming, frankly problematic response."

A New Texas Law Erodes the Power of City Councils

The long-sought bill stops the state’s bluer urban areas from enacting laws that exceed state law on a number of fronts. Republicans say the patchwork of local laws were hurting businesses.

Why More Cities Are Hiring ‘Night Mayors’ and Establishing Forms of Nighttime Governance

COMMENTARY | Nighttime is much more than a source of danger or an occasion to party – it’s a portal into a different world, with rhythms, challenges and lifestyles of its own.

A Few Cities Are Regaining Residents After Shrinking During the Pandemic

Seattle, Houston and Atlanta are among the cities that have rallied.

Did Your Town Make This List of Best-Performing Cities?

The Milken Institute is out with its annual report ranking the economic performance of more than 400 metropolitan areas. Here’s what it takes to be a booming city.

‘We Needed a Maestro:’ After Months Long Search, New York City Has Found Its Rat Czar

Kathleen Corradi has been going after rodents since she was 10. Her work is about to get even bigger.

Old Zoning Laws Share Blame For Housing Shortage

A new report highlights zoning strategies that cities can adopt to bolster housing development equitably and sustainably, including overhauling single-family regulations.

New York City Mayor Keeps Creating New Offices

From child care to rats, if you’ve got a problem, Mayor Eric Adams has a job to tackle it.

The Five Best Movies About State or Local Government

The glitz! The glamour! The government officials! In honor of this weekend’s Oscar Awards, here are our team’s top picks depicting everything from municipal water wars to prominent politicians.

Some Towns Get Funding Boost from Census Corrections

Census population count corrections have started to roll out, but officials say the bureau needs to be more transparent about the process as valuable funding opportunities remain on the line.

Neighborhood 'Walkability' May Boost Exercise, Lower BMI

People who live in walkable neighborhoods are more likely to exercise and have lower BMIs. But the finding differs by race and ethnicity.

City Planners Are Questioning the Point of Parking Garages

COMMENTARY | As many cities grapple with the housing crisis, some places are rewriting regulations and finding creative ways to repurpose these hulking masses of concrete that suck up valuable real estate.

Are Mayors Open to Federal Budget Cuts? It Depends Who You Ask

Route Fifty caught up with mayors from around the country to get their views on Republican threats to chop federal spending.

Atlanta’s BeltLine Shows How Parks Can Drive ‘Green Gentrification’

COMMENTARY | Cities can avoid the problem if they think about affordable housing at the start of their projects.

Miami's Mayor Un(block)chained

Francis Suarez, the city's cool, crypto-friendly mayor has presidential dreams. But is he paying enough attention to the homefront?

How a Bankrupt City’s Pension System Hit a Breaking Point

The case of Chester, Pennsylvania involves hidden debt, missing documentation and lots of blame. Route Fifty takes a closer look in this second installment of a three-part series.

Mayors Try to Cope With Pickleball Craze

Demands for new facilities, along with noise complaints and paddle-toting attendees at city council meetings are just some of what they’re contending with as the sport's popularity skyrockets.