City Government

Rethinking How to Solve Transit Problems

New research looks at a city with a legacy of racial and income segregation to explore ways transportation agencies can work with the public to provide better and more equitable service.

New York City Will Cut Some of Its 21,000 Vacant Government Positions

As the city eliminates more unfilled jobs, its ability to hire for crucial remaining positions and retain existing employees is key.

Latest Round of Grant Funding Opens for Public Arts Projects

The Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative will offer awards of up to $1 million. Cities with over 30,000 people are eligible to apply.

New York City Council Staff Won’t Give Up Hybrid Work Without a Fight

The council staff’s union sent a petition to Speaker Adrienne Adams calling for continued hybrid work flexibility, which is set to end on Oct. 31.

How Cities are Deciding Where Electric Vehicle Chargers Should Go

Places where street parking is the norm and residential driveways are rare face unique challenges when it comes to making sure drivers can plug in their cars.

As Cities Recover, Financial Worries Loom

An annual National League of Cities’ survey finds optimism among city finance officials, but also wariness about risks like inflation and the possibility of a recession.

Becoming a Future City

Route Fifty’s third annual Future Cities summit is Sept. 27-29. Join us to hear how local leaders from across the country are preparing for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Creating a Virtual City Hall

COMMENTARY | Doing so can offer residents a digital one-stop shop for interacting with local government, while also improving the experience.

How Little Rock is Harnessing Data to Become a Smarter City

“My team and I, we’re focused on getting things done, but with a data-driven approach,” says the mayor of Arkansas’ capital.

Florida Elected Official Still Serves Although She Lives in Georgia

A Hollywood city commissioner bought a house out of state to care for her ill daughter and mainly resides there, carrying out her duties and attending meetings remotely.

Cities and Towns Move to Recognize They are Built on Indigenous Land

But Native activists say "land acknowledgments" are only a start for reconciliation and healing, not an end unto themselves.

Collaboration, Training Key to Local Government Cyber Defense

By taking advantage of free resources, education and partnerships, local officials can better prepare their counties and cities for inevitable attacks, experts say.

How One City Delivers Broadband to Homes and Businesses at No Cost to Municipality

The partnership gives SiFi Networks right-of-way access to install fiber for its open access network in the Texas town—and even pays the city a licensing fee.

The US Needs Millions More Apartment Homes. What Can Localities Do to Help Boost Supply?

Building industry officials say more flexible local zoning and land use regulations could be key to increasing the number of apartments. Some cities and counties are doing those things, but the situation is complex.

Economic Development Efforts Thriving in Repurposed Prisons

In recent years, former correctional facilities in seven states were converted into apartments, a sports complex, a movie studio and more, initiatives that are generating jobs and boosting local economies, according to a new report.

Interactive Overdose Map Visualizes Evolving Public Health Crisis

Fentanyl remains driving force behind waves of death in Wisconsin communities.

Dozens of State and Local Officials Press Biden to Increase Refugee Resettlement in US

“We can and must do more," they say. The Biden administration pledged to ramp up resettlements. But even with deepening humanitarian crises unfolding in Ukraine, Afghanistan and other nations, refugee admissions fell to a historic low in fiscal 2021.

More Governments Join National Fine and Fee Reform Effort

Seven additional cities and counties are set to take part in the initiative, which is seeking to rework fines and fees that often fall most heavily on low-income and minority residents.

As Remote Work Sticks, Cities Seek New Ways to Lure People Downtown

The health of businesses, real estate and tax revenues is on the line. But some see an opportunity in reimagining city centers as places less dependent on office workers.

Beach Battles: Lawmakers Pushed to Increase Public Shoreline Access

Steep parking fees and other factors can pose barriers to visiting beaches, with some advocates saying restrictive policies reinforce segregation and racial inequality.