Economic Development

Feds Seek Input on How to Create Semiconductor Hubs

The Commerce Department wants stakeholders’ “best ideas” for new research and manufacturing hubs for computer chips that could transform communities nationwide.

Utah Set to Adopt a New State Flag

If the governor signs the bill, the state will join a wave of city and state flag redesigns across the nation and cap a process four years in the making.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship Boosts Economic Growth

COMMENTARY | States should direct more money from incentives to small businesses and entrepreneurs and less to attracting large companies.

How Cities and Counties Are Spending Their ARPA Funds

While the largest share of the Covid stimulus money is going to government operations and housing, the remaining funds are being used to address a region’s biggest challenges.

Feds to Hand Out $39B to Chip Makers in Workforce Development Subsidies

To access the funding, companies will not only need to show how they plan to train and recruit workers, but also how they will provide child care.

State & Local Roundup: Offshore Wind Push Expands to the Gulf of Mexico

Plus: The mayors of Chicago and New Orleans could lose their jobs; an “innovative” housing plan is defunded; Boston struggles to recruit transit chief; “right to repair” bills proliferate; and more news you can use from around the country.

The Worker Shortage Is Real. Could Tech Help Governors Close Gaps?

Business leaders pointed to high-tech job training and tools like artificial intelligence as possible solutions to the historic shortage of workers.

Kansas City Hopes Its New ‘Inclusive’ Terminal Will Bring More Flights and Visitors

The old terminal in Missouri’s largest city lacked convenient bathrooms, food options and security. The $1.5 billion replacement fixes many of those problems.

Why Treasury Was Slow to Expand a Key Small Business Program

Pandemic relief legislation boosted funding for the initiative to $10 billion from $1.5 billion. A new watchdog report looks at the reasons the department had delays getting the money to states.

5 Reasons Your Community Should Create More Green Spaces

COMMENTARY | A healthy community’s infrastructure isn’t only limited to roads, schools, and bridges. Investing in nature-centered spaces such as parks can contribute significantly to the community’s health and economy.

State & Local Roundup: Cranking Up Workforce Development Programs

Plus: A governor moves to rein in remote work. City workers go on strike. A semiconductor factory announcement. And more news you can use from across the country.

Wind Farms Deliver Economic Jolt to Rural Middle America

Wind farms boosted seven of 10 counties with the nation’s largest economic output gains.

Relocation Programs Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rural America

By one count, more than 50 rural communities offer some sort of incentive to entice new residents.

Communities are Rethinking Their Push for Data Centers

More governments are looking into the environmental effects of data centers on neighborhoods.

Ford Plant Halted in Virginia Over Concerns About China

Gov. Glenn Youngkin told reporters that his administration “felt that the right thing to do was to not recruit Ford as a front for China to America.”

Housing Programs Nationwide See Big Infusion of Earmark Cash

The largest increase for housing and community development in the latest federal spending bill came from earmarks, where lawmakers direct funding to specific projects in their states.

The Places Seeing Growth in the Semiconductor Sector So Far

With a major federal push underway to boost production of microchips in the U.S., a trade group for the industry highlights over 40 major projects nationwide.

The D.C. Mayor Wants ‘Decisive Action’ on the Federal Government’s Return to Office Plans

There has been movement to get some employees back in person and assess real estate needs, but the mayor would like more specifics.  

How State and Local Leaders Can Address America’s Wealth Gap

COMMENTARY | The traditional method of offering incentives to corporations to help generate economic development in distressed areas has failed. It’s time to embrace a more people-centric approach called community wealth building.

The Fresh Economic Development Strategy Emerging in the Midwest

Instead of prioritizing tax breaks for new factories, some cities are trying to attract residents by promoting quality of life benefits.