Economic Development

How Connecticut is developing untapped talent to fill 30,000 open jobs statewide

COMMENTARY | Three strategies bring together employers, community organizations and education providers in a new skills-based ecosystem.

$1 trillion a year in tax breaks goes out the door. Are states keeping track?

A new report from the Volcker Alliance highlights the lack of transparency around tax expenditures, and calls on states to better monitor whether the tax breaks are achieving their intended effects.

The great Salt Lake City tax tradeoff

In a few weeks, the city council will be voting on a 0.5% sales tax to support economic development downtown. But it’s not the money that is drawing all the attention, it’s what the city is giving up.

It’s time to take a serious look at esports gaming

The growing popularity of competitive video games is creating opportunities for governments at all levels. It builds skills, fosters community at local rec centers and schools and even boosts tourism.

Financiers plan to launch a Texas-based stock exchange

The group announced Wednesday it raised $120 million in capital to start a CEO-friendly stock exchange that aims to capitalize on discontent over new rules and rising compliance costs at Nasdaq and NYSE.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Post-pandemic, downtown recoveries continue to be uneven

From office conversions to bonding programs to unconventional approaches, cities are testing different ways to revive their downtowns.

Shiny new things and public priorities

COMMENTARY | The economic growth and civic pride benefits of new stadiums are not enough to compensate for the required public financial commitment.

Microchip companies need federal grant money. They’re rolling out child care to get it.

To draw women into the semiconductor and construction industries, the CHIPS Act requires companies to provide child care. But will it boost the supply of care, or exacerbate an existing crisis?

Skateboarding’s latest trick: Reviving cities

New skate plazas are proving that making spaces skateable makes them safer and more dynamic, too.

Neediest areas are being shortchanged on government funds

COMMENTARY | A recent study of the Community Development Block Grant program showed that neighborhoods with the largest share of low- to moderate-income families were less likely to receive CDBG funds than communities that were closer to the 51% threshold.

How states can take a ‘quantum’ leap in economic development

Governments are eyeing quantum technology as a way to boost jobs and their economies. But adopting the hard to understand technology, one expert says, will require educating and upskilling your workforce.

3 tips for short-term land-use planning

COMMENTARY | As populations grow and real estate requirements change, cities or counties should regularly evaluate their mix of land use designations so they get the kind of development they can live with long term.

Key takeaways from the Explore Act, one of the largest outdoor recreation bills ever

The proposal will streamline the permitting process for outdoor recreation companies, study internet access at National Parks, identify potential long distance bike trails and paths, and support recreation and tourism economies and towns. 

Cash isn’t the only thing guaranteed income programs can deliver

Data is starting to show that supplemental income programs can boost participants’ employment, housing stability and family well-being.

Pro teams aim to score nicer stadiums—and maybe more—from the public

Sports teams are asking for millions of dollars in public subsidies to build or refurbish their stadiums, and many want to create nearby fan districts to boost their bottom lines too.

Is the deal with the NBA Milwaukee Bucks a model for city development projects?

The community benefits agreement that the Bucks owners signed for $250 million in state aid to build the Fiserv Forum included provisions allowing arena workers to freely unionize. It has turned their low-wage, insecure work into sustainable jobs, according to a new report.

AI tools lack ‘expertise’ for site selection

A recent study found that generative AI doesn't produce the same results as humans when helping businesses pick a city or state for a new factory or headquarters. It also doesn't explain how it makes its choices—a troubling finding, researchers say.

Downtowns need a makeover. Resident, commercial engagement could help.

Cities are finding ways to attract residents and tourists back downtown, building small business support, community spirit and a local identity.

Corporate tax breaks are costing schools billions

A three-month investigation by The Conversation finds that tax abatements are coming at the expense of critical funding for school districts. But not all schools in a community are sharing the cash drain equally.

What makes a top performing city?

The tech and hospitality industries drive sustainable economic performance, but broadband access, affordability and resilience also play key roles, according to the Milken Institute.