Economic Development

In California, State Lawmakers Propose $100 Billion Stimulus Plan

The proposal calls for offsetting reduced federal unemployment benefits and a program to incentivize early tax payments.

How the End of the Federal Unemployment Boost Will Hurt the Economy

The $600-a-week federal boost in unemployment benefits is set to stop at the end of this month, leaving millions of people to live on substantially less money. Economists say the effects will also be felt throughout the U.S. economy.

One City’s Plan to Help Local Businesses by Funding a Cash Rewards Program

As Akron, Ohio grapples with fallout from the coronavirus, the city is working to launch a mobile app where people will earn “blimp” credits for local purchases. The credits can then be used like currency at other area establishments.

Virus Casts Uncertainty Over City Budget and Economic Development in a Health Care Hub

Like other localities, the coronavirus has Rochester, Minnesota facing questions about both its financial outlook and future economic growth.

How Redlining Decades Ago Set Communities Up for Greater Coronavirus Risk

COMMENTARY | The Valverde neighborhood in Denver—which was once redlined—had the city's highest Covid-19 hospitalization rate.

The Trump Administration Says a New Bailout Program Will Help 35 Million Americans. It Probably Won’t.

Experts from across the political spectrum fear that the Federal Reserve’s new Main Street Lending program won’t reach enough businesses or save enough jobs.

Why a Struggling Rust Belt City Pinned Its Revival on a Self-Chilling Beverage Can

Welcome to Youngstown, Ohio, home of Chill-Can, the self-chilling beverage container you’ve probably never heard of. Officials have gambled millions of dollars and demolished a neighborhood for the product. Not one job has been created yet.

Coastal Towns Weigh Reopening Beaches Before Memorial Day

Towns with economies that rely on summer tourism are anxious to reopen, but leaders don’t know when it will be safe to do so.

Saving Main Street: Why State and Local Governments Are Vital for Its Survival

COMMENTARY | Main Street America is facing its toughest crisis ever as people stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus. State and local governments need to step up to help businesses stay alive.

State Web Portals Try to Connect New PPE Producers with Desperate Health Care Providers

Online portals are connecting hospitals short on personal protective equipment with local businesses making the items.

Sectors and States Poised to See Worst Job Losses Highlighted in New Research

About one-in-five American workers were in industries last year that are now bearing the brunt of the economic downturn the coronavirus has caused, according to estimates in one report.

States Announce Regional Efforts to Restart the Economy

The moves came as President Trump declared he and the federal government have primacy over deciding when “to open up the states” amid the coronavirus crisis.

A State Tries to Chart its Economic Rebound From a Pandemic

Utah has drafted a plan meant to serve as a road map for both public health and economic policies during the coronavirus crisis.

California, New York Extend Mortgage Relief to Homeowners

Action taken by the states will temporarily halt foreclosure proceedings and allow residents to defer mortgage payments.

Senate, White House Reach Deal on Third Coronavirus Package

Negotiations between Senate and House leaders and the Trump administration ended Wednesday morning with a deal on the nearly $2 trillion economic stimulus proposal.

How Congress’ Competing Coronavirus Bills Would Help State, Local Governments

The latest Senate bill would pit businesses and state and local governments against each other for $500 billion in economic stabilization loans, while a House proposal would set aside $200 billion for states and another pot for localities.

States Ease Access to Unemployment As Claims Climb

Unemployment claims jumped 33% this week and are expected to climb much higher as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Federal Government Floats Sending Americans Cash to Address Outbreak

The Trump administration is considering providing “business interruption payments” for American workers as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Weak Business Growth Across Rural America Highlighted in New Report

It’s some of the latest research to look at the growing divide between thriving cities and other parts of the country that are lagging economically.

America is Aging and That Could Present Problems for Some States

In about 15 years, the number of people 65 and over is expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in U.S. history.