Economic incentives

How to Improve Public Health, the Environment and Racial Equity All at Once: Upgrade Low-income Housing

COMMENTARY | Retrofitting low-income housing is a way to tackle some of the nation's pressing health, social and environmental challenges.

Economists: Biden’s $1,400 Covid-19 Checks May be Great Politics, but it’s Questionable Economics

COMMENTARY | The checks aren't well targeted to those hurting the most financially and it's not clear they will be an effective economic stimulus.

Another Region Offers Remote Workers $10,000—and a Bike!—to Move

Northwest Arkansas will provide a cash incentive and a street or mountain bike to qualified remote workers who relocate to the area.

Millennials Could Be a Boon to Smaller Communities. How Can Those Towns Attract Younger Workers?

COMMENTARY | Legislators and town leaders need to create incentives for young people to embrace small-town living.

Remote Workers Moving to Tulsa? Foundation Doubles Down on Recruitment Efforts

The Remote Tulsa program is now offering $10,000 to 250 people to move to the Oklahoma city for a year, citing success in its first year.

Governments Increasingly Rely on Evaluations for Tax Incentive Reform

ANALYSIS | More states and cities are requiring rigorous analyses.

How Cities and States Can Stop the Incentive Madness

Economist Timothy Bartik explains why the public costs of tax incentives often outweigh the benefits, and describes a model business-incentive package.