States May See a Lot More Money for Crime Prevention with Biden Plan

President-elect Joe Biden's sweeping criminal justice proposal focuses on prevention and diversion in an attempt to prod states away from locking people up.

'Good, Honest, Capable, and Willing People:' A Take on Election Administrators Goes Viral

James Young, Louisville's former director of elections, took to Twitter to defend the integrity of election workers. Twelve thousand retweets later, he explains why.

Election Disinformation Fears Came True for State Officials

False attacks on the voting process seeped into local elections.

Texas Democratic Losses Reflect Broader Statehouse Trend

There was no blue wave to topple the red statehouse wall.

State and Local Officials Want to See Climate Policy Support—and Funding—Under Biden Administration

At a virtual event held by the NewDEAL Forum, state and local officials discussed their next steps on climate policy.

Why One Election Official Blocked Her Mother's Mail-In Ballot

Sara Knotts, elections director for North Carolina's Brunswick County, helped her mother complete her mail-in ballot. But then Anne Ashcraft died three weeks before Election Day, making her vote ineligible under state law.

For America’s New Mayors, a Chance to Lead with Data

COMMENTARY | The challenges facing local governments are bigger than ever and tackling them will require building cultures inside city halls committed to using data and making decisions based on evidence.

Few Big Changes—But Lots of Newcomers—In State Legislative Elections

Voters elected roughly 1,500 new state lawmakers in last week's election, but only one state legislature flipped party control.

In One Kentucky Community, Dogs Rule—Literally

Wilbur, a 6-month-old French bulldog, is the latest canine mayor of Rabbit Hash, an unincorporated community in Kentucky that's been led by dogs since the late 1990s.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Server: Preparing Network Infrastructure for Future Elections

COMMENTARY | Elections are times of both predictable and unpredictable surges in IT infrastructure strain. Adequately preparing for this reality ahead of time is imperative for state IT leaders.

Puerto Ricans Voted in Favor of Statehood. What Happens Now?

The territory’s only likely path toward statehood would come through Democratic control of the House, Senate, and White House.

States Expanded Voting Access for the Pandemic. The Changes Might Stick.

Restrictive ballot-counting laws slowed results.

Republicans, Democrats Fail to Flip Attorney General Seats

Ten states held elections for the office of attorney general this year.

Mississippi Abolishes Jim Crow-Era State Voting System

The relic from the state’s 1890 constitution, one of several provisions designed to dilute the power of Black voters, was abolished through a ballot initiative that won by a blowout margin.

For Decades, Denver Outlawed Pit Bulls. Voters Just Overturned the Ban.

The city passed a pit-bull ban in 1989 after multiple people reported being attacked by the breed, although research has shown that such policies have little effect on public safety.

Republicans Maintain Advantage in Control of State Legislative Chambers

Democrats failed to make major inroads in state legislative races, in many places leaving them at a disadvantage in the upcoming redistricting process.

Rejecting the ‘Fair Tax’ Ballot Measure, Illinois Voters Decide to Keep a Flat Income Tax

Illinois voters rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed the state to implement a graduated income tax. Campaigns for and against the initiative together raised more than $120 million.

‘Rainbow Wave’ of LGBTQ Candidates Run and Win in 2020 Election

Down-ballot races saw a number of LGBTQ candidates this year.

Few Isolated Problems at the Polls on Mostly Smooth Election Day

In Michigan, officials worked to address misinformation spread through robocalls, while technical glitches slowed voting in some Georgia counties.