States Take New Steps to Stop Election Mistruths From Going Viral

To combat the rising threat, some states are bringing on cybersecurity specialists to comb social media and flag posts that spread falsehoods about the voting process. Others have launched ad campaigns to counter disinformation.

US is Becoming a ‘Developing Country’ on Global Rankings that Measure Democracy, Inequality

COMMENTARY | The United States came in 41st worldwide on the UN’s 2022 sustainable development index, down nine spots from last year.

What Brought Down One Texas County’s Entire Elections Department? It Was Something in the Water

Aggrieved anti-fluoride activists, low pay and understaffing eventually drove away Gillespie County’s election officials.

CISA Issues Cybersecurity Toolkit for Election Officials

The toolkit helps state and local election officials identify their risks, make their infrastructure more resilient and protect voter information from attacks.

Nearly 40% of Americans Are Tired of the Two-Party Political System

The sentiment is even stronger among those 18 to 49 years old, with nearly half of people in that age group saying they wish they had alternatives to Democrats and Republicans.

How to Run for Reelection With a Blocked Agenda

After Democratic governors in Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin rode a blue wave into office four years ago, their priorities hit a red wall in their GOP-controlled legislatures. But experts say they still have a shot at winning second terms. Here’s why.

USPS to Slash 50,000 Positions in Coming Years

But the postal service is delivering election ballots at a much faster clip.

More Transparency Needed Around State Efforts to Address Cyber Threats to Voting Systems

As misinformation about the 2020 elections continues to swirl, state election officials told congressional leaders that the federal government should do more to raise up "successes" around efforts to mitigate voting system vulnerabilities.

More Young Voters Could Come Out to Vote in November, Sparked by Abortion and Other Hot Political Issues

One survey taken shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade shows that 78% of young people favor legal abortion.

Trump Wades Into One State's Budget Discussions

The former president says Pennsylvania's spending plan should be "tied" to controversial elections legislation.

Battle Over Status of Uber and Lyft Drivers Returns to the Ballot Box

Massachusetts voters will decide if the drivers are treated as employees or contractors. It’s the latest dispute to play out between labor advocates and the ride-booking giants.

Paper Shortage Threatens to Cause Election Problems

Troubles finding paper for ballots and other materials is just one of the challenges state election officials raised in testimony Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Is This the Year for Two-woman Tickets?

Ohio Democrats this week picked women as their nominees for governor and lieutenant governor. Other voters could follow suit in a year when more women are running to lead their states.

What Increasingly Partisan and Venomous School Board Races Reveal About Elections

As traditionally nonpartisan school board campaigns become polarized battlegrounds, voters in next week’s Wisconsin races may set the tone for how contentious races across the country will become this year.

Contentious Fringe Legal Theory Could Reshape State Election Laws

Legal scholars argue the “independent state legislature doctrine” is a radical theory that could disenfranchise voters.

Redistricting Delays Scramble State Elections

The confusion is creating difficult decisions for candidates.

Is it Time for Ranked-choice Voting in the US?

COMMENTARY | Advocates argue that ranked-choice voting solves the problems of other voting methods, while detractors counter that it makes elections unnecessarily complicated.

Georgia Moves Voter Registration to the Cloud

The Georgia Registered Voter Information System will be housed on servers that give election officials a more secure and user-friendly system.

What to Watch For in State Legislatures in 2022

State legislative sessions in election years can sometimes be sleepy affairs, but not this year. Here are the big issues they'll be addressing.

How Republicans Are Using Preemption to Advance Voter Suppression

COMMENTARY | Expect GOP-led states to continue restricting voting rights in 2022.