GOP-Led States Plan New Voter Data Systems to Replace One They Rejected

But few states offer details on how these new systems will work.

States Abandon Access to Shared Voter Registration Data

As states gear up to leave the Electronic Registration Information Center, few have specific plans in place to maintain accurate voter rolls on their own.

Lack of Access to Infrastructure Hurts Voter Participation in Rural America

Voter turnout is lower in rural places, something researchers say is a symptom of unequal amounts of civic infrastructure.

North Carolina Republicans Seize Supermajority

Party switches are rare, but this one by a sitting lawmaker in North Carolina is particularly "shocking" and weakens the hand of Gov. Roy Cooper.

Some Election Officials Refused to Certify Results. Few Were Held Accountable.

A ProPublica review of local officials who refused to certify 2022 election results found that most did not face formal consequences. Experts explain what that means for the future of American elections.

The Fight Against Election Lies Never Ends for Local Officials

Election officials are working across state and partisan lines to earn back voters’ trust.

Who’s Running for Mayor in Philadelphia?

In one of the most anticipated mayoral races in years, several of Philadelphia’s highest-profile politicos are resigning from their current positions and throwing their hats in the ring.

12 Women Set to Take Office as Governor in 2023

COMMENTARY | A record-breaking number of women were elected governor in November. Here are 7 things to know about how that happened.

Supreme Court Case on State Legislatures Could Have ‘Devastating Consequences’

COMMENTARY | This week the nation’s high court will hear Moore v. Harper, a case examining independent state legislature theory.

Number of Women Elected to State Legislature Seats Hits New Record

But nationwide they are still short of equal representation in statehouses compared to men.

This Pennsylvania County Ran Out of Ballot Paper on Election Day. Now the District Attorney is Investigating

One week later, angry voters demand to know why Luzerne County polling places had ballot shortages.

How California’s Initiative to Fund Electric Vehicles Went Terribly Wrong

Prop. 30 had widespread support. Then Governor Newsom and billionaires got involved.

The Curse of Straight-ticket Voting

COMMENTARY | The wave that hit state government elections this year had mostly to do with cementing single party control. It’s a trend that’s keeping good candidates on the sidelines, flawed ones in office and eroding checks on power.

Shapiro Claims Victory Over Mastriano in Pennsylvania Governor's Race

“We have to keep coming together to make progress," he said after clinching the win.

New York Governor's Race is Closest in Decades

Incumbent Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, eked out a victory against Republican challenger Lee Zeldin. She also became the first woman elected as governor of the state.

America’s Election Systems are More Than Just Machines

COMMENTARY | They’re people, who are overworked, underpaid and feeling pressured.

Political Violence in America is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

COMMENTARY | The rise in contemporary right-wing political extremism – and violence – can be traced back to events in the 1990s.

The Top Governors Races to Watch in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Thirty-six states are holding gubernatorial contests. Here's a rundown of the ones we’re tracking headed toward Election Day.

A Scientist's Quest for an Accessible, Unhackable Voting Machine

After 19 years of work, Juan Gilbert says he has invented the most secure voting machine. Will anyone prove him wrong?