Local Governments Escape Ruling that Could Have Upended Property Tax Laws

The Supreme Court ruled that cities and counties cannot keep surplus funds from the homes they sell after residents fail to pay property taxes. But local officials nationwide are breathing a sigh of relief that the court didn’t go further.

Cities Nervously Watch Washington’s Debt Limit Talks

A default could mean putting off fixing broken streets and city budgets would take a hit.

Debt Limit Talks Dim Prospects for Addressing Nation’s Housing Crisis

The president has proposed freezing spending, which could impact additional funding for housing, public health and transit projects.

GOP’s Desired Work Requirements Would Kick Millions Off Anti-Poverty Programs

About 10 million Medicaid expansion enrollees are at risk of losing benefits under McCarthy’s bill, while 900,000 Americans aged 50 to 55 are at risk of losing SNAP assistance.

Cities Face Mounting Financial Pressures

On top of the familiar problems—pensions, inflation, pandemic aid ending—officials are also trying to prepare for two potentially devastating scenarios: a recession or the U.S. defaulting on its loans.

In Their Fight Against Big Oil, Cities Turn to Laws That Took Down Mobsters

The use of RICO laws could be the start of a new wave of climate lawsuits and a sign that cities and states are trying to learn from the successes and failures of the tobacco and opioid litigation movements.

Did Your Town Make This List of Best-Performing Cities?

The Milken Institute is out with its annual report ranking the economic performance of more than 400 metropolitan areas. Here’s what it takes to be a booming city.

Two Different Funding Approaches to Education Reform

One solution holds that the public school system itself is the problem to be fixed while the other says that targeting money to disadvantaged communities is the answer. Both approaches are expensive and it’s not clear that either work.

Rural Electric Co-Ops to Get $10.7B in Clean Energy Grants, Loans

The Agriculture Department says the money marks the largest single funding effort for rural electrification in the U.S. since the 1930s.

One County’s Choice to Use Opioid Funds to Pay Off Debt

Greene County, Tennessee, so far has received more than $2.7 million from regional and national settlements with opioid manufacturers and distributors. But most of the money is not going to help people and families harmed by addiction.

A Roadmap to Achieving 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy

COMMENTARY | A new clean energy procurement trend is gaining momentum in cities racing to meet ambitious climate goals. Here’s how 24/7 carbon-free energy works, how local governments can get started on this approach and where they can look for support.

Amid Economic Uncertainty, State Tax Revenues Decline

If there’s good news in April's numbers, though, it might be that most states were already planning for softer revenue growth in fiscal 2024 and many have robust rainy day funds to weather a potential downturn. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

In Fixing Flood Control Systems, Plans Often Reflect Historical Patterns, Not Future Risks

COMMENTARY | As communities replace aging infrastructure to prepare for future climate-driven storms, aging data stands in the way. Experts warn historical weather data may not be sufficient for new infrastructure decisions.

The Real Impact of State Tax Cuts

COMMENTARY | The debate over tax cuts that’s happening in statehouses across the country is about much more than revenues and spending. It’s a fight over whether we will have an inclusive democracy where everyone—all races in all places—can thrive.

Cities Stare Down Huge Budget Gaps

Growing expenses and lagging downtown recoveries are straining city finances as federal pandemic relief funds run out.

Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Clears Federal Hurdle

The city still has to determine the details before New York becomes the first American city to charge for the right to drive on certain roads.

States Differ Over What's a 'Disadvantaged' Community

The definitions states are using to define a disadvantaged community varies widely, and it is leaving many low-income communities out of federal funding for essential water projects.

The U.S. Supreme Court Could Upend Local Property Tax Laws

The justices heard a case last week on a Minnesota county's profit on a seized condo. A ruling could change property seizure programs nationwide.

How One State Is Confronting PTSD Among Police Officers

Concerns abound about post-traumatic stress disorder in law enforcement. Minnesota, where the problem is acute, has ideas about how to curb the costs and keep more police working in the field.

Republicans’ Debt Ceiling Bill Clears the House

The GOP proposal would claw back trillions from state and local governments in climate and transportation funding, including money to reconnect disadvantaged communities split apart by highways.