How Cities and Counties Are Prioritizing American Rescue Plan Funds

Infrastructure was the top investment priority for communities of all sizes, followed by replacing lost public sector revenue, according to a recent report.

Does Raising the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?

COMMENTARY | The question is actually one of the most studied in all of economics and still doesn’t have a definitive answer – though Nobel-winning economist David Card got us closer.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Impacting Cities and States

Two-thirds of real estate professionals surveyed believe that fewer than 75% of workers will come back to the office at least three days a week in 2022, and that the need for more office space will likely decrease by up to 15% in the next three years.

State and Local Government Job Growth Lags Behind Private Sector

City and county payrolls are down more than 5% from pre-pandemic totals, excluding education positions, according to a report.

Museums, Cultural Institutions Cut Jobs Despite PPP Loans, Report Finds

More than 14,400 employees were laid off from 288 institutions that received federal loans meant to help preserve jobs, according to a public service employees union.

Small States Cry Foul on Federal Rental Relief Redistribution

They don’t want to forfeit unspent money to other states.

Governments Face Soaring Costs Burying Poor and Unclaimed Dead

Individual burials can be $2,000. The costs have increased dramatically during the pandemic, with some communities turning to federal aid to help cover the expense.

More Than 500,000 Public Workers Likely to See Debt Relief Under Student Loan Forgiveness Overhaul

The U.S. Department of Education announced a host of changes Wednesday to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which guarantees debt forgiveness to qualifying public sector employees.

67% of Cities Plan to Use ARPA for Lost Revenue

Cities are more likely to use money to replace lost tax revenues than to spend on infrastructure, according to a National League of Cities report.

How South Dakota Became the Caymans of the Heartland

The landlocked state has become the capital of “offshoring”—and a haven for dirty money.

Best States to Save for Retirement

New Hampshire tops the list of best states to save, offering a more affordable housing market and lower taxes, according to a recent report. Other top states are in the West.

Treasury Outlines How it Will Claw Back Rental Aid From Slow Spenders

The department plans to redistribute the money to jurisdictions that are moving faster to get it to struggling renters and landlords.

Can the US Create Universal Pre-K Without Repeating Past Mistakes?

A proposed $450 billion investment in child care and preschool could fundamentally change the nation’s approach to early learning — but getting the right money to the right people is complicated.

How Public Pensions Fared During a Year Marked by the Pandemic

An analysis shows no clear signs of severe damage last year to the funds, although the share meeting a funding benchmark did fall.

House Delays Infrastructure Vote as Democrats Struggle to Reach Deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted a vote on the infrastructure bill Thursday but without agreement on a broader social spending package, dozens of members of the Democratic party said they wouldn’t back the public works measure.

Audit Warns State Could Lose Over $330M in Rental Aid

The way California defines whether or not emergency rental assistance has been “obligated” could put it at risk of forfeiting funds, a state watchdog says.

Top Democrats Announce Deal on Raising Revenue for $3.5T Package

The announcement comes as President Biden is trying to shore up support within his party for sweeping domestic legislation that would direct funding towards areas like education, health care and climate initiatives.

Voters Have No Clue How Much Money State Lawmakers Make

Registered voters overshot their lawmakers’ annual pay by large margins in a recent survey. When given the correct salaries, respondents were more likely to support pay increases for legislators.

How New York is subsidizing Amazon

Local agencies across the state lure the retail giant to town using generous tax incentives.