Housing boom in most of the US could ease shortage, but cost is still a problem

There are 5 million new housing units since 2020, mostly in the South and West, but supply has still not caught up with demand.

State Medicaid costs poised to surge from pandemic lows

State costs rose by 13% in fiscal 2023 and are expected to increase by an additional 17.2% in fiscal 2024 thanks to the phaseout of enhanced federal aid, provider rate increases and slowing but still elevated enrollment levels.

How local governments can respond to the housing crisis

A new book by Charles Marohn and Daniel Herriges of Strong Towns encourages local officials to promote small-scale developments, even if it means using city financial tools to get them off the ground.

As property tax bills rise, states look for long-term solutions

Lawmakers in the Mountain West seek to provide permanent tax relief without harming local revenue.

Measuring and managing risk in the quest for resilience

COMMENTARY | Incidents like the Baltimore bridge collapse should motivate local leaders to think carefully about risk management, prevention and mitigation.

Virginia's 'tech tax' ignites debate on business taxes

Many states are extending sales tax to digital services, but the Virginia Senate’s attempt to expand it to cover business-to-business transactions raised eyebrows.

States rethink data centers as ‘electricity hogs’ strain the grid

Worries are rising over what data centers mean for demand, renewable energy goals.

States take aim at local basic income programs

The no-string-attached cash assistance initiatives have become the target of some state policymakers who claim the programs are a misuse of public funds.

Southern governors raise pressure in fights with auto unions

Republican officials want to tell automakers that get big financial incentives for new factories that they have to use secret ballots during unionization efforts.

‘We can’t exist without child care’: Rural towns use state funding to open local centers

State grants are infusing over $3.7 million into helping rural communities build collaborative, innovative solutions to address child care needs across South Dakota.

3 tips for short-term land-use planning

COMMENTARY | As populations grow and real estate requirements change, cities or counties should regularly evaluate their mix of land use designations so they get the kind of development they can live with long term.

Half of new state spending on preschool was backed by COVID aid last year, new report finds

That money helped improve access — preschool enrollment was up in nearly every state — but it also raises real questions about whether states will be able to sustain their investments after that federal funding runs out this fall.

Can the snarky ‘Save Our Yachts’ campaign save Washington’s capital gains tax?

The long-fought-for and hard-won tax has survived its legal challenges. Now it must survive the ballot.

Too many cubicles, too few homes spur incentives to convert offices to housing

States are stepping in with tax breaks and zoning changes to help replace the unwanted cubicle farms with much-needed housing.

How collaboration is changing North Carolina, one project at a time

States that want to tap universities and philanthropies to find solutions to policy challenges using the best research, evidence and data should look at how one state mastered the communications and logistics essential for effective partnerships.

Hundreds of millions up for grabs in environmental justice grants

Housing, air monitoring, green jobs and coastal resilience are some of the initiatives that could receive funding under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Why a lawsuit may be state and local governments’ best chance to cut insulin prices

The skyrocketing cost of insulin hits employee health plans and limits governments’ ability to finance other projects, such as infrastructure improvements. The multidistrict litigation aims to fix that.

Marijuana tax revenues fall short of projections in many states, including Colorado

COMMENTARY | As the market matures both the price of marijuana and tax revenues associated with its sale will likely drop further in the future.

Can compromise be reached in two state budget debates?

Taxes and affordable housing are holding up budgets in Virginia and New York. Instead of threats, the governors in each state appear to be trying to find common ground—for now.

States, White House gear up to bring prescription costs down

Maryland’s prescription drug affordability board will evaluate eight drugs for potential cost reduction. The federal government could help move the process along, one expert says.