Small Cities Worry Cybersecurity Money Won't Reach Them

Ransomware attacks have wreaked havoc on state and local governments. There are new federal cybersecurity grants to help but small places may lack the staff resources to get them.

GOP Governors Resist Biden’s Attempts to Restrict Infrastructure Spending

They’re cautioning the White House against pushing “a social agenda” under the public works law.

Federal Policies Help Spur Municipal Bond Market, but Headwinds Remain

Analysts are generally optimistic about the stability of government finances, but lingering issues—Covid, inflation and supply chain bottlenecks—pose economic and fiscal risks in the short term.

Cities and States Find New Ways to Tax Streaming Services

Governments are desperate to recoup lost revenue as people cut the cable cord.

They Promised Quick and Easy PPP Loans. Often, They Only Delivered Hassle and Heartache

More than a million government-approved loans ended up being canceled, including some that would have gone to people who needed the loans and applied just as they were told.

Are Venmo and PayPal the Future of Turnpike Tolling?

The use of physical money is less and less these days, and one state senator wants to help the Pennsylvania Turnpike keep up with the times.

Infrastructure Update: White House Urges States to Tap Infrastructure Czars

In some states, leaders have already selected point people to help guide spending with billions in new, federal infrastructure dollars.

Why a Majority of White Americans Oppose Reparations For Black Citizens

A new report shows that white people believe that it would be difficult to determine financial payments, among other reasons.

Over $1B in Rental Aid Shifted to Places Moving Faster to Spend It

Most of the federal relief funding is being redistributed voluntarily within states, but some is getting clawed back from places that didn't hit targets for putting it to use.

Treasury Provides Added Flexibility and Clarity With Final ARPA Rule

State and local advocates seemed generally pleased with final guidelines for the relief law's $350 billion pandemic aid program. The rules offer a big win for smaller localities in particular.

As States and Localities Embrace Cryptocurrency, Problems Grow

While a handful of cities dove in last year, 14 states enacted laws regulating digital currency and many others introduced bills to facilitate transactions while preventing scams.

States With the Highest and Lowest Gasoline Prices

Texas ranks No.1 for states with the lowest fuel prices while California has the highest prices, according to a new report.

Only State That Tapped Emergency Fed Program Pays Off $2B Loan

The program was set up in the early days of the pandemic to help steady the then-rattled world of municipal finance. Now, just one government agency still has debt from it outstanding.

Census Recounts Fail to Account for Covid Chaos, Cities Say

Communities that believe the pandemic made it impossible for census workers to get an accurate count of their populations may have trouble qualifying for a recount and miss out on state and federal funding.

States Are Hoarding $5.2B in Welfare Funds Even as the Need for Aid Grows

Bonnie Bridgforth supported five children with an $8.50-an-hour job when she was told she no longer qualified for welfare in Maine. But the state—like so many others—was sitting on a huge stockpile of funds.

Why More Public Pension Funds Are Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The barriers for state and local institutional investors entering the crypto market are come down, including a clearer regulatory framework and more industry scrutiny.

How Waterfront States and Cities are Harnessing Their Blue Economies

Communities are becoming strategic about planning the use of their shorelines rather than relying solely on tourism and recreation to generate water-related revenue.

How Cities Should Think About Equity and Revenues

COMMENTARY | City leaders are tackling structural inequities in access to wealth and opportunity. An infusion of federal dollars provides an opportunity to rethink past fiscal choices.

Can Pay Raises Help Solve a Teacher Shortage? States Hope So.

They’re trying to retain teachers and attract beginners in a political climate that’s seen educators targeted by parents and policymakers over how history is taught and mask and vaccine mandates are enforced.