Indigenous Tribes Taking the Lead on Legal Weed

While the state dawdles on pot regulations, Native Americans in New York will likely begin sales before the end of the year.

GOP Works to Override Voters on Medicaid, Higher Wages, Pot

Minimum wage, marijuana and Medicaid initiatives could be undercut.

Poll: 91% of Americans Say Marijuana Should Be Legalized

As states continue to pass laws to legalize marijuana, support for its medical and recreational uses continues to grow, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

A New Program in One State Will Help People Expunge Marijuana Convictions

A state-funded coalition of legal organizations will help Illinois residents navigate the process of criminal record expungement for pot-related offenses.

Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drug Possession, While Five States Pass Marijuana Ballot Measures

Measures to decriminalize drugs like magic mushrooms also racked up big wins on election night.

First Came Legal Marijuana, Now Comes…Magic Mushrooms?

In some places where the marijuana decriminalization and legalization movement took hold, voters are being asked a new question: Should psychedelic mushrooms be next?

Marijuana Companies Seek Disaster Relief

Marijuana businesses can’t access traditional insurance or federal disaster funds.

Militia Group Plotted to Kidnap Michigan Governor, Feds Say

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | West Virginia selected for $500 million hyperloop site … Vermont moves ahead with retail marijuana … Library worker allegedly stole $1.3 million in printer toner ... Tofurky sues over Louisiana “burger” labeling law.

Texas AG Says He Won’t Resign After Staff Accuse Him of Bribery and Other Wrongdoing

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Thousands of kids in Miami-Dade return to classrooms … Maine’s marijuana industry expected to get off to a sputtering start … de Blasio, Cuomo at odds over shutdown orders in some New York City neighborhoods.

Altered Mindsets: Marijuana Is Making Its Mark on Ballots in Red States

Five of the six states where voters this fall will consider whether to legalize recreational or medical marijuana lean conservative.

Pennsylvania Governor Suggests Selling Marijuana Through State-Run Stores

Gov. Tom Wolf isn’t the first governor to recently float state-operated marijuana retail. Pennsylvania currently runs hundreds of wine and liquor shops.

Worried About Coronavirus? Stop Sharing Joints

Public health officials in states with legal recreational pot are warning residents to be careful how they consume it—and who they consume it with.

Hot Hemp Pits States Against Feds

State officials warn new USDA rules could hurt the nascent industry.

The Cannabis Industry Could Become the National Model for Labor Relations

COMMENTARY | Workers in the cannabis industry are rapidly unionizing with employer support. This trend, incentivized by state laws, could be a model for improved labor relations nationwide.

Governors Talk Recreational Pot Legalization

At an event on Friday, a slate of governors spoke about the promises and difficulties in legalizing recreational marijuana.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic, New Research Says

New research found opioids were prescribed less often in states where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal or recreational use.

CBD May Be Natural, But Is It Safe?

The health benefits of cannabidiol are unclear, and many products hitting the market haven’t been made in clean, permitted facilities or tested for toxic pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria.

Cannabis Banking Challenges Go Beyond Pot

Banks uneasy about pot money aren’t any happier about hemp.

Two Governors Pledge to Collaborate On Legal Marijuana Regulations

Neither New York or Connecticut allow for recreational pot yet. But governors of the two states are interested in setting consistent guidelines for it.

Allowing Medical Marijuana in Schools

California could become the tenth state to allow K-12 students with valid prescriptions to take medical marijuana at school.