New York City

The Pandemic Has Parents Fleeing From Schools—Maybe Forever

Covid-19 is a catalyst for families who were already skeptical of the traditional school system—and are now thinking about leaving it for good.

Poll: Over Half of Households in America's Biggest Cities Dealing With Financial Difficulties

Budget problems, which have coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, are especially acute for Black and Latino residents.

New York City to Set Up Random Covid Testing at Schools

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Affluence Killed New York, Not the Pandemic

COMMENTARY | The city is in the midst of a reckoning—not simply because of the coronavirus, but because of what it had already become.

New York City to Set Up Checkpoints to Enforce Quarantine of Travelers

Enforcement teams will deploy to key entry points in the city to ensure incoming travelers complete health forms that request contact information and to inform them of the two-week quarantine requirement.

A Third of NYC Small Businesses Could Close as Result of Pandemic

New reports shed light on the long-lasting impacts the coronavirus outbreak could have on small businesses.

‘It’s About Love and Solidarity’: Mutual Aid Unites NYC Neighbors Facing Covid

Though mutual aid efforts are not new, such efforts have gained energy and attention during the pandemic.

New Study Will Look at Risks to Transit Workers From Virus

A research team will focus on New York City, where the coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the transit workforce.

The NYPD Isn’t Giving Critical Bodycam Footage to Officials Investigating Alleged Abuse

New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board made 212 requests for body-worn camera footage in May. The NYPD sent only 33 responses, according to a memo obtained by ProPublica.

Contact Tracers Struggle to Get People to Answer Phones and Questions

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The High Cost of Panic-Moving

Fleeing a big city because of the pandemic is a bigger gamble than it might seem.

Fear of Public Transit Got Ahead of the Evidence

COMMENTARY | Many have blamed subways and buses for coronavirus outbreaks, but a growing body of research suggests otherwise.

Hundreds of New York City Staffers Write to Mayor Demanding Police Reform and Budget Cuts

New York City municipal employees condemned Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response to recent protests and demanded changes to the city’s police department.

Did Curfews Work? Cities Begin to Roll Back Restrictions

Police say curfews helped quell violence as they begin to lift restrictions, but civil liberties advocates say that they are actually used to stop peaceful protests.

City Provides Grants to Help Domestic Violence Survivors Move

The pilot program, a collaboration between the New York City mayor's office and a nonprofit service provider, will help survivors with housing and other emergency needs.

New York City Begins Methadone Delivery Service for People with Addictions

The city's health department will make the delivery option available to some patients, such as older people or those with health conditions like diabetes who are particularly vulnerable to developing serious cases of Covid-19.

Weddings Move Online in the Age of Coronavirus

Cities and states across the country are allowing couples to obtain marriage licenses online and, in some places, get married via video conference.

In an Attempt to Help Struggling Restaurants, Cities Regulate Food Delivery Apps

Several cities have set caps on the commission a food delivery app can take from a restaurant in recent weeks, a measure officials say will relieve some of the burden on struggling local businesses.

Public Transit Systems Adapt to Plummeting Ridership

Cities are struggling with concerns about safety and low ridership. In some places, officials are taking advantage of the situation to finish long awaited transportation projects.