New York City

How a different kind of drug testing can help communities stave off overdoses

Insights from advanced drug-testing services are proving essential for public health officials struggling to contain an evolving crisis.

New York City unveils AI action plan

The first of its kind for a major U.S. city, the strategy sets a framework for the responsible roll out of artificial intelligence by agencies.

5 things to know about Eric Adams’ latest housing proposal

The New York City mayor unveiled the latest on his goal to become a “City of Yes.”

Transit agencies scramble to piece together funding as ‘fiscal cliff’ looms

Ridership in San Francisco and New York remains below pre-pandemic levels. As the end of federal aid nears, these agencies are racing to shore up funding.

As temperatures spike, states act to protect residents and workers

Governments geared up protective measures against the dangerously hot weather baking nearly every part of the country this past week. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

What needs to change at Rikers? Everything.

We asked more than a dozen criminal justice experts. They urged staying the course on borough-based jails—and many called for a federal takeover of Rikers in the meantime.

Most People Who Inject Drugs Test Positive for Fentanyl

COMMENTARY | In a yearlong study, researchers found that a significant share of people in New York City who thought they were using heroin or another drug were actually using the illicit synthetic opioid.

Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Clears Federal Hurdle

The city still has to determine the details before New York becomes the first American city to charge for the right to drive on certain roads.

‘We Needed a Maestro:’ After Months Long Search, New York City Has Found Its Rat Czar

Kathleen Corradi has been going after rodents since she was 10. Her work is about to get even bigger.

New York City Mayor Keeps Creating New Offices

From child care to rats, if you’ve got a problem, Mayor Eric Adams has a job to tackle it.

NYC Mayor Eliminates More than 4,300 Vacant Job Openings

The positions were cut in Mayor Eric Adams' latest financial plan. The city's authorized headcount for its municipal workforce remains upwards of 300,000.

How One City is Cutting Down Speeding in Its Municipal Fleet

Newly adopted technology has kept drivers within speed limits and reduced hard braking by more than a third, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

New York City Government Lifts Residency Requirements for Some Lawyer Positions Amid Shortage

Certain attorneys have been added to a list of hard-to-recruit civil service titles that are exempt from the city’s residency rules.

New York City’s Municipal Staffing Shortage Won’t Solve Itself

A new report from city Comptroller Brad Lander offers recommendations to address hiring and retention issues, including appointing a chief talent officer.

Rat Czar Isn’t the Only Weird Government Job in New York City

The city drew attention for its job-posting with a salary up to $170,000 a year, seeking someone to take the lead combatting rats. But the rodent chief wouldn't be the only intriguing or bizarre position on the Big Apple's public sector payroll.

New York City Agencies to Involuntarily Admit More Severely Mentally Ill People for Evaluations

Mayor Eric Adams clarified that people do not have to be a danger to themselves or others to receive help.

New York City Will Cut Some of Its 21,000 Vacant Government Positions

As the city eliminates more unfilled jobs, its ability to hire for crucial remaining positions and retain existing employees is key.

Could Tech Workers do Peace Corps-like Stints for New York City?

Announcing a new legal fellows program to help address a shortage of city lawyers, Mayor Eric Adams said he wants other industries to loan employees to municipal government.

New York City Council Staff Won’t Give Up Hybrid Work Without a Fight

The council staff’s union sent a petition to Speaker Adrienne Adams calling for continued hybrid work flexibility, which is set to end on Oct. 31.