Public Safety

Patchwork of State Gun Laws Unlikely to Change Even After Massacre at Texas School

The shooting in a fourth grade classroom left 19 students and two educators dead, renewing calls for stricter gun laws. But the issue has been at a standstill for years in Congress amid Republican opposition and states remain divided.

Why Government Should Do More to Drive Down the Cost of Prison Calls

COMMENTARY | Incarcerated people are charged exorbitant rates to make calls or send emails, making it difficult for them to contact loved ones. But more connection with the outside world could help in reducing recidivism.

What We Know About Mass School Shootings in the US and the Gunmen Who Carry Them Out

COMMENTARY | A database of the nation's public mass shootings offers insight into the people who've committed the violence.

21 killed in Texas’ Deadliest School Shooting Ever

Robb Elementary teaches second, third and fourth grade students in Uvalde, which is about 85 miles west of San Antonio. Gov. Greg Abbott said the shooter is believed to have been killed by responding law enforcement.

As Feds Update Auto Safety Standards, City Officials Want a Say

They’re speaking up about vehicle features and testing they’d like to see at a time when local governments are dealing with rising crashes on their streets.

Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals Put Patients at Risk

In 2020 and 2021, U.S. health care facilities faced at least 168 such attacks.

With Complaints Rising, Transit Agencies Search for Alternatives to Police

As they look to win back riders lost during the pandemic, bus and subway operators are looking beyond traditional law enforcement to address their concerns.

US Traffic Deaths Hit Highest Mark in Over 15 Years

Federal estimates show the incidents claimed 43,000 lives in 2021. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warns of a safety “crisis” on the nation’s roadways.

Police Could Have Used New York’s Red Flag Law to Stop the Buffalo Shooting Suspect

State police said they did not file for a protection order under the law after they were called to the accused shooter’s school, where they reportedly investigated a “murder-suicide” threat he made.

The Front Lines of Government Cybersecurity Defense

COMMENTARY | States and localities should ensure their employees are following four foundational pillars of cybersecurity to help prevent attacks.

Katrina Survivors Were Told They Could Use Grant Money To Rebuild. Now They’re Being Sued

After Hurricane Katrina, struggling homeowners said they were told not to worry about the fine print when they received grants to elevate their homes. Now the state is going after them because they did exactly that.

Survey: 93% of Americans Fear Cyberwarfare Against US

A consumer survey suggests citizens are taking some steps to prepare for possible cyberattacks.

Signals Along 'Smart Spines' Optimize Traffic Flow

With artificial intelligence-powered adaptive signaling technology at nearly 150 city intersections, Pittsburgh plans to improve traffic flow and reduce idling times for buses.

Florida Republicans' Row With Disney Highlights Widening Gap Between GOP and Corporate America

COMMENTARY | It's only the latest example of the GOP being at odds with a company that has historically backed the party.

Walgreens to Pay $683M in Florida Opioids Lawsuit

The settlement between the pharmacy chain and the state came as a jury trial in the case was underway.

The Southwest Is on Fire and Iconic Deserts and Towns Are at Risk

COMMENTARY | Fire season is getting longer, and the result is transforming desert ecosystems. The start to 2022 has been so dire that President Biden has issued a disaster declaration for one state.

More States Shield Against Rogue Abortion Prosecutions

Experts predict more prosecutions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade as expected.

New Jersey Combating Vehicle Theft With License Plate Readers

The state will expand its network of high-speed automated cameras to crack down on record numbers of stolen cars.

Smart Pavement Powering EV Charging, In-road Traffic Sensors

With the installation of smart pavement at five downtown intersections, a Kansas town is driving smart infrastructure adoption.

Ransomware Attacks on Governments More Frequent, Damaging and Costly

Attackers targeting states and localities demanded the lowest ransom payments of any sector surveyed, but victims were more likely to pay, according to a recent report.