Public Safety

Public Health Should Be 'Pivotal' Part of Emergency Response

COMMENTARY | Could reform of emergency call systems play an important role in improving safety as well as police-community relations? A new 911 reform initiative is betting it could.

Justice Department Issues New Rules to Monitor Oversight of Police

The changes are meant to help minimize the costs of consent decrees to local jurisdictions and to avoid any conflict of interest among the monitors who oversee the reforms.

Advancing Local Emergency Response 20 Years After 9/11

One of the biggest lessons to come out of the terrorist attacks was the importance of regional cooperation and training in emergency preparedness, experts said.

Congressional Funding Sought to Implement Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

The announcement follows tensions with some local police departments over the authority to release footage recorded during joint operations.

Protecting New York City 20 years after 9/11

A look at the controversial counterterrorism efforts that reshaped the NYPD and whether it was all worth it.

Deadly Auto Crashes Up, Despite Less Driving

New federal statistics show that a troubling trend with a rise in fatalities on the nation's roadways continued into this year.

The Prison Population is Falling, But in Some States Lots of People Are Still Locked Up

Incarceration rates have been dropping for years. Here’s where prisons and jails are still packed.

Inside Pacific Northwest National Lab’s 5G Innovation Studio

Federal officials are exploring what the next generation of wireless capabilities has to offer.

Another State Will Train Police to Draw Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects

Georgia will establish a phlebotomy program to instruct law enforcement officers on how to collect blood samples, the latest in a growing number of states to embrace the practice.

How ARPA Funds Can Help Build an Equitable Recovery

A report released Tuesday provides guidance for state and local spending of the federal recovery funding on programs that focus on equity and provides examples of city and county plans.

Suspending Driver’s Licenses Is Inefficient Way to Recoup Fines

COMMENTARY | Punishing people for not having enough money to pay fees not only poses constitutional problems, it creates counterproductive budget policy.

More Seats Than Passengers: Paperwork, Taliban Slow Afghanistan Evacuation

But the pace is picking up. Some 6,000, including Americans, "will soon board planes," a State Department spokesman said.

Some 'Most Impressive' Law School Applicants Are Convicted of Serious Crimes

Formerly incarcerated individuals are dissuaded from becoming lawyers because of the 'moral character determination,' but a number of states are slowly changing their policies.

Deadly Crashes on Rural Roads Prompt New Safety Efforts

The fatality rate on rural roads is twice as high as on urban ones.

When Your Yard Can Kill You

My mom wanted to be prepared for wildfire season. But I knew she was concerned about the cost.

Why Aren’t All Workers Taking This Simple Step to Prevent Ransomware?

COMMENTARY | The nation is in the middle of a growing public safety crisis because in terms of cybersecurity, governments and businesses are stuck in the mid-'80s.

Providing ‘Sense of Belonging’ to Undocumented Immigrants

Community identification cards allow immigrants and others in vulnerable populations access to IDs and help them build relationships with law enforcement, according to the Policy Executive Research Forum.

50% of Americans Think Gun Violence is a ‘Very Big Problem’

But attitudes about gun violence differ widely by race, ethnicity, party affiliation and community, according to a Pew Research Center analysis.

Drowning Prevention Could Get a Boost in Federal Budget

About 4,000 Americans drown every year, but an expected infusion of federal money could help states take action to lower that number.

Lack of Federal Firefighters Hurts California Wildfire Response

Roughly a third of all federal firefighters work in California, where more than 142,447 acres have burned this year.