Public Safety

A Crash in Baltimore Puts Construction Worker Safety in the Spotlight

Industry groups say they’ve been unsuccessfully pushing for worker safety provisions for years.

This Moment is Rife with Opportunities to Advance Racial Equity

COMMENTARY | Government has an immense opportunity to lead on racial equity. It must lean in where it can, examine the data to determine if it is having an impact and adjust plans accordingly.  

DOT Awards $94 Million for Innovative Transportation Tech

The Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Grants Program made 59 awards for demonstration projects leveraging automation, connected vehicles, sensors and drones as well as smart grid and intelligent traffic signal technologies.

States Have the Resources to Clear Criminal Records

COMMENTARY | Most governments already have the capacity and technology to deliver automatic record clearance to all those eligible for relief equitably, expeditiously and at scale.

To Prevent Gun Suicide, States Consider Allowing People to Deny Themselves a Gun

“We can’t stop all suicide, but if we make the means less lethal, we can save lives.”

House GOP Will Try to Block D.C. Police Reforms

After successfully overturning the district’s criminal code rewrite, House Republicans are now targeting police reforms passed by the city council.

Justice Launches $8M Smart Policing Grant Program

State, local, tribal and campus law enforcement agencies can apply for funds to develop, implement and test new technologies that support community violence intervention and promote information sharing and data transparency.

Congress Overturns D.C.’s Criminal Code Rewrite

In total, 31 Democrats voted to block the Washington, D.C., law despite their strong support for home rule.

State and Local Officials Press to Increase Rail Safety Regulations

They want railroads to tell local emergency responders if hazardous materials are going through their towns, and have asked the feds to study the proliferation of longer trains.

Democrats Plan to Take Another Pass at Cannabis Banking Bill

They are hoping a bill sponsored by Democratic and Republican senators will be more successful and finally address local governments’ concerns about crime.

Bill Overturning D.C.'s Criminal Code Rewrite Appears Likely to Pass Congress

The White House defended President Biden’s decision not to veto the measure, which has angered many in the district.

New Tool to Help Cities Make the Case for Public Safety Funding

The Black-led coalition behind the online tool is also launching an effort to reduce gun homicides in 12 cities by 20% over the next five years. Its inaugural cohort includes Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Indianapolis and Newark.

How Communities Balance Speed and Safety on the Roads

COMMENTARY | Many solutions to slow down traffic elongate travel times. However, several compromise solutions exist that allow travelers to reach their destination quickly and improve road safety.

As Texas Booms, Local Governments — Especially in Small Towns — Struggle to Find Workers

A cascade of issues including inflation and growing distrust in government aren’t helping local governments hire for critical positions in public safety and utilities.

Republicans in Congress Move to Block Washington, D.C.'s Local Criminal Code Rewrite

The disagreement over changes to the district's sentencing guidelines reflects a nationwide debate. And while the move by House lawmakers to override D.C.'s authority has little chance of final approval, it has still upset local officials.

Bias Trainings for Police Don't Change Behavior

"Our findings suggest that diversity training as it is currently practiced is unlikely to change police behavior."

Why Two States Remain Holdouts on Distracted Driving Laws

Missouri and Montana are the only states without distracted driving laws for all drivers. With traffic fatalities rising, lawmakers are eyeing bills that would crack down on texting while driving.

To Bring Down Traffic Deaths, Feds Launch Another Safe Streets Initiative

The Transportation Department has enlisted dozens of organizations that have committed to taking action to make the roads less dangerous.

Pain of Police Killings Traumatizes Black People and Communities Across US

COMMENTARY | Evidence shows that many Black Americans experience police killings of other Black people as traumatic events, and that this trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.

New Boil Water Notices Are Being Issued Every Other Day in Jackson

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves lifted the citywide boil water advisory on Sept. 15, 2022. Since then, 70 new boil water notices, or more than one every other day, have been issued.