Social Media

Want to attract Gen Z workers? Up your marketing game.

A contest asked young workers to mock up job ads that would convince their peers to work in government technology. Here’s what public officials can learn from those ideas.

As state sues Meta, it also urges social media literacy instruction for kids

The key is making sure that children understand the difference between harmful screen time and quality screen time, one observer says.

New anti-violence PSA may hit home, but change depends on follow-up and other factors

The US attorney for the District of Maryland recently released a PSA to help stem the tide of violence in the state. But will it work?

Social media cases hinge on definition of what amounts to state action online

The U.S. Supreme Court wrestled in two important cases over whether public officials acted improperly in blocking constituents on their personal social media accounts.

States’ lawsuits pile up against social media companies

A multistate coalition filed suit against Facebook parent Meta, accusing it of damaging young people’s mental health and illegally harvesting their data. It is the latest in a long line of actions taken against social media platforms to reckon with the growing youth mental health crisis.

Who gets to decide what the truth is when social media is rife with misinformation?

As state and local governments consider the balance of free speech and misinformation, observers question whether officials should be able to remove controversial posts from social media platforms.

New York weighs bills regulating minors’ social media use

If the bills pass, they would likely face legal scrutiny. A similar law in California has already been halted by a federal court from taking effect.

Supreme Court to take up two state laws on social media

The high court will hear challenges to Florida and Texas laws that seek to control how social media platforms “censor” disfavored political views.

Should public officials be allowed to block constituents on social media?

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to answer that question as a new term gets underway. The justices will hear two cases on the issue out of California and Michigan in which lower courts ruled differently.

Arkansas social media age verification law struck down by federal court

Law would’ve been the first to restrict social network access based on age and parental permission.

New ‘kidfluencer’ law allows child social media stars to sue parents

Illinois became the first in the nation to require parents to set aside kids’ gross earnings in a trust. If they don’t, children can sue.

More states look to boost kids’ social media literacy

Florida now mandates that it be taught in public schools. Other states may follow in a bid to deal with the youth mental health crisis.

Politicians understand that Taylor Swift fans are a key demographic

COMMENTARY | Taylor Swift could help policymakers to never go out of style. Leaning into social media trends, such as Swift’s long-awaited The Eras Tour, could win the favor of constituents and boost local economies.

Lawmakers guilty of ‘do something disease’ with social media bans

While experts agree that something must be done to prevent the worst effects of the platforms on minors, they caution that the current efforts are technologically unsound and undermine civil liberties.

‘Thready or not,’ the public sector is jumping onto the latest social media platform

One expert shares tips for navigating the still-evolving world of Threads. Plus, a roundup of our favorite state and local government introductory posts.

Teens experience unprecedented mental health problems. Are social media restrictions the solution?

Some say limiting adolescents' access to social media will protect their mental health from harmful content and users, but experts argue there are less restrictive options available.

Lawmakers concerned White House will let TikTok stay in the US

Two Republican lawmakers warned that tweaked language in a new Commerce Department rule could lay the groundwork for TikTok’s proposal to store U.S. users’ data in the country.

Digital literacy, not bans, should shape states' approach to social media

Protecting children from harmful content is important, but states should help young people understand the platforms’ risks and make informed decisions about what to view, experts say.

A balancing act: Adding humor to government communications

COMMENTARY | Local and state agencies walk a fine line between showing their personality through humor and remaining factual.

Louisiana bans TikTok on state networks and devices. Will it make any difference?

The law does little to protect state-owned devices and personal data, cybersecurity experts say.