State Government

Republican Election Deniers Rack Up State Level Primary Wins

Former President Trump's clout in state elections was on display this week. In Arizona, his picks for governor and five seats in the legislature won their primaries. In Michigan, five of 10 Trump-endorsed legislative candidates on the ballot prevailed.

The Debate Over Capping Drug Prices is Headed Towards the States

A deal in Congress could lower drug costs for Medicare patients, but falls short of plans Democrats have backed previously. Meanwhile, some state lawmakers are pushing for broader limits.

The Rising Costs of Extreme Heat

Hot weather can be deadly. It’s also putting a dent in the nation's economy and forcing new expenses on states and localities.

The Senate Deal Could Keep Millions from Losing Health Insurance

Pandemic-era programs that helped more people afford coverage are set to lapse. Legislation that leading Democrats are now supporting would extend a key subsidy.

How to Run for Reelection With a Blocked Agenda

After Democratic governors in Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin rode a blue wave into office four years ago, their priorities hit a red wall in their GOP-controlled legislatures. But experts say they still have a shot at winning second terms. Here’s why.

Independent State Legislature Doctrine Could Take Power Away From the People

The U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether state legislatures have the power to regulate congressional elections.

The Three Cs of Effective Public Engagement

COMMENTARY | Incorporating citizen feedback into government budget and finance decisions can often lead to disappointing results, but following these principles can help.

Indiana Opens Special Session to Debate Near-total Abortion Ban

Lawmakers convene to introduce a near-total ban, just weeks after a 10-year-old had traveled to Indiana to receive an abortion unavailable in her home state.

As Prices Rise, the Push to End Diaper Taxes Grows

Thirty-one states charge sales tax on diapers, but a movement to eliminate those taxes is gaining ground because of record-high inflation and booming state budgets.

More Transparency Needed Around State Efforts to Address Cyber Threats to Voting Systems

As misinformation about the 2020 elections continues to swirl, state election officials told congressional leaders that the federal government should do more to raise up "successes" around efforts to mitigate voting system vulnerabilities.

More States May Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

Studies have found that psychedelics can help improve mental health.

What They Do For Fun: The Hobbies of Florida Lawmakers

Poker, extreme sports and 'wolf spider husbandry' are among the ways they spend their time away from the Legislature.

As Sports Betting Grows, States Tackle Teenage Problem Gambling

With sports betting legal in more than 30 states, there’s a growing recognition among state legislators and health departments that the youngest gamblers need help.

A Wave of Retirements is Offering One State a Unique Chance to Diversify Its Workforce

Connecticut recently saw thousands of state employees retire in response to benefit changes. Now, some see the rehiring process as a major opportunity to close equity gaps with race, ethnicity and gender at state agencies.

Election Laws in Red and Blue States are Changing. Here's How

With primaries underway and this year's November elections approaching, lawmakers in Republican and Democratic states have overhauled laws to both increase and tighten ballot access.

Drivers Wanted Electric Vehicles Even Before Gas Prices Skyrocketed

But barriers remain to widespread adoption, a new survey finds, including lacking awareness about state and federal purchase incentives and a limited charging network.

A Plan To Help Public Workers With Autism Succeed—and Fill Jobs Too

The new North Carolina program is meant to assist neurodivergent state employees in achieving professional goals, offering free career coaching and other services.

California Passes Nation’s Toughest Plastic Reduction Bill

Experts say the bill could prevent 23 million tons of plastic pollution by 2032.

Fireworks Are Cancelled Yet Again in Cities and Counties Across the US

Potential fire risks, supply chain issues and worker shortages have put a damper on these popular Independence Day events.

4 Proven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining State and Local Government Workers

COMMENTARY | To be competitive in this challenging new work environment, governments not only need to evaluate their salaries and benefits, but also change the way they recruit, develop, engage and retain talent.