Women's Rights

Lyft and Uber Establish Legal Funds to Protect Drivers from Texas Abortion Law

The ride-booking companies said they would cover legal fees if their drivers are sued under the state’s new law, which allows private citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who “aids and abets” a woman in obtaining an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Summer Camps Haven’t Fully Recovered. That Could Hurt Working Moms.

Without a full return of summer programs this year, working moms face months of uncertainty that could further splinter their relationship with the workforce.

Only Some Parents Can Use Campaign Funds for Child Care When Running for Office. Here’s Why.

A new report highlights the financial barriers to parents of young children running for state and local office.

Delaware Bill Would Require Menstruation Products In Public School Bathrooms

The one-time cost to each school would be about $30,000 to install dispensers and $77,000 a year to keep them filled.

The Pandemic Has Been Extra Hard on Single Mothers

Single mothers have scrambled during the pandemic to secure child care. What will the federal government do to help in 2021?

‘Trigger Laws’ in Some States Would Ban Abortion Immediately If Roe is Overturned

The country already has a patchwork of different restrictions on abortion. How would that change in a post-Roe world?

A Record Number of Women Will Serve in Statehouses Next Year

New data shows women will represent just over 30 percent of all legislative seats, and will increase the number of women-majority chambers

Coming Abortion Fight Could Threaten Birth Control, Too

In discussions of the impact Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett could have on abortion rights, many overlook related issues, including the right to birth control that the court recognized in 1965. During her confirmation hearings, Barrett refused to say whether she felt that case was correctly decided.

Coalition of Prosecutors and Attorneys General Say They Won’t Enforce Laws Criminalizing Abortion if Roe v. Wade is Overturned

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Boston finalizes police reforms … San Diego purchases hotels to house homeless people … NYC Mayor asks ICE agents to stop falsely identifying themselves as members of the NYPD.

Fearing the Future of Roe v. Wade, New Jersey Moves to Protect Abortion Access

Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday that lawmakers would introduce a package of legislation to enshrine reproductive health care into state law.

One Tennessee Prosecutor Says He Won’t Enforce Controversial Abortion Law

The Nashville district attorney says he won’t prosecute doctors who fail to inform patients that a medication abortion can be reversed—a claim medical groups say isn’t backed up by science.

Michigan’s ‘Tampon Tax’ Challenged in New Lawsuit

The litigation is part of a national movement toward exempting menstrual products from states' sales taxes.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Restrictive Abortion Law

It was the first major abortion case heard by Supreme Court since the addition of two new conservative justices.

Women Disproportionately Losing Their Jobs During Coronavirus Downturn

Women of color, single mothers, and women over the age of 55 have been particularly hard hit.

Abortion Clinic Protesters Are Being Arrested for Violating Stay-At-Home Orders

In several cities across the country, anti-abortion protesters are among those testing local and state orders telling people to stay home, saying they see their actions as constitutionally protected.

Judges Take Up Abortion Bans Put in Place During Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal judges on Monday blocked Texas, Ohio, and Alabama from forcing abortion clinics to close. A day later, a federal appeals court panel temporarily reinstated the Texas limits.

‘We 100% Plan to Stay Open’: Abortion Providers Say They Will Continue Services During Pandemic

Abortion clinics across the country are continuing to offer services, which providers call essential and time sensitive.

Women Lawmakers Are Making Gains—But Only in Some State Capitols

The rise of women in state legislatures hasn’t been equally distributed across geographic and ideological divides.

Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Again With Major Louisiana Case

The high court struck down a nearly identical law in 2016, but some say that the court’s new conservative majority could allow a Louisiana law to stand.