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Kaitlyn Levinson

Kaitlyn Levinson
Kaitlyn Levinson is assistant editor at GCN and covers data and analytics. She has previously reported for Maryland-based publications Capital News Service in Annapolis and the Greenbelt News Review.
Tech & Data

Algorithm Analyzes Escort Ads to Detect Human Trafficking

Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies similarities in escort advertisements, which often indicates trafficking behavior.

Tech & Data

Urban Spaces Get an AI Makeover

The Dall-E artificial intelligence system is helping redesign city streets, replacing car-centric roads with walkable boulevards and bike lanes.

Tech & Data

Connected Vehicle Tech Shows Signs of Improving School Bus Efficiency

Buses that get priority at stoplights can save time, boost fuel efficiency and enhance student safety, based on the results of a recent pilot program.

Tech & Data

City Tests App for Delivery Drivers to Reserve Spots in Loading Zones

"This pilot aims to better understand the usage of loading zones so that the City can figure out ways to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion," says an official.

Tech & Data

3D-Printed Homes Save Time, Money, State Pilot Shows

A potential solution to Virginia’s housing shortage comes from the nozzle of a 3D printer.

Health & Human Services

Audit Reveals Why One City’s Efforts to Curb Homelessness Fall Short

Oakland, California, doesn’t have the data to tell if it’s making any progress on reducing homelessness, a new audit shows.

Smart Cities

$26M Awarded for Hyperlocal Smart Cities Research

Researchers say they will pilot their work in three cities to integrate real-time technologies into streetscapes to build safe, equitable and secure communities.

Tech & Data

Feds Award Funds for Technology Infusion in Transit and Highway Systems

More than a dozen cities and states received funds for intelligent transportation programs that promote safety, improve access and reduce congestion.

Tech & Data

States Investing in SNAP Fraud Detection and Prevention

Several states won U.S. Department of Agriculture grants for services and programs to help stop fraud in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.