Diversity and Inclusion

Achieving racial equity in college admissions starts in pre-K

COMMENTARY | The class of 2028 is the first college class to be admitted after the end of affirmative action. Without it, we need big-picture reforms.

Nonwhite people are drastically underrepresented in local government

COMMENTARY | As in the federal and state governments, local elected officials are more likely to be white than their constituents. At times, such as with school boards, the differences are particularly stark.

A year of inspiration and motivation: Historic firsts for women of color in politics

Experts point to signs of a shift in politics this year, crediting increased representation for the spurt of women of color winning mayoral elections.

The 15-minute city is a popular planning approach, but relies on ableist assumptions

COMMENTARY | The 15-minute city relies on residents’ abilities to walk and bike. But what what if a resident’s body doesn’t walk or bike in what is considered a normative sense?

States grapple with racist language in real estate deeds

Some states let homeowners erase language. One state wants to erase its effects.

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Expanded health insurance for immigrants gains traction in states

By increasing access to health insurance, including for immigrants lacking permanent legal status, states can reduce the burden of health care costs for communities.

Missouri becomes the 14th state with a majority-women supreme court

Abortion and gender-affirming care for trans youth could be among the issues the court faces.

Why some schools are halting Halloween celebrations

Concerns that some students may feel excluded from Halloween celebrations has prompted some districts to move celebrations outside of school hours.

City puts accessibility at the forefront of disability data

Philadelphia’s disability map can help policymakers deliver more inclusive and accessible services for those living with disabilities.

In scrapping its LGBTQ-related travel ban, California pivots to ‘hearts and minds’

Lawmakers nixed a seven-year ban on state-funded travel to states that enact discriminatory laws.

Is the Census taking steps to count the millions of LGBTQ+ Americans overlooked?

The Census Bureau’s plans to test questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in the American Community Survey is the latest step in a years-long push to improve national data on LGBTQ+ people.

Job opportunities targeting workers with ADHD and autism gain traction

North Carolina wants to attract more neurodivergent people to IT work. It is one of many such initiatives in government.

Emily’s List launches Madam Mayor program to support local women leaders

The initiative was launched in part in response to misinformation and disinformation targeting women candidates and officials.

How book-banning campaigns have changed the lives and education of librarians

COMMENTARY | Librarians are defending the rights of readers and writers in the battle raging across the U.S. over censorship, book challenges and book bans. That conflict has even changed how librarians are trained.

Harm of anti-LGBTQ laws includes economic pain for communities, families

So far in 2023, at least 70 anti-LGBTQ laws have been enacted across the states as LGBTQ individuals consider relocating to more inclusive areas for their safety and well-being.

Anti-LGBTQ laws in the US are getting struck down for limiting free speech of drag queens and doctors

COMMENTARY | A number of judges who considered challenges to anti-LGBTQ legislation passed by state lawmakers in 2023 argue how the laws violate the First Amendment.

SCOTUS: Race cannot be considered in college admissions

The ruling will affect both public and private colleges and universities in states that have not already barred affirmative action in admissions.

6 takeaways for the government workforce crisis

COMMENTARY | Public servants from coast to coast share their advice on how to successfully hire and retain government talent.

We’re Back! Our Grand Return to Live Events

Route Fifty and GCN will hit the road with a new free event series to explore how cities across the country are building their future today.

Tips for Winning Federal Transportation Grants

A Biden administration official had some advice for city leaders seeking funding for projects under the latest federal infrastructure law.