Companies Want Remote Workers in All States but One

Businesses such as Nike and Oracle are happy to let you work from home—just not in Colorado.

Community Colleges Begin Using Federal Coronavirus Funding to Erase Student Debt

The money, from the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act, is available for students who have struggled financially as a result of the pandemic.

Move to Berrien County, Michigan, for the Beaches—And the $15,000

Some of America’s shrinking towns are trying to lure remote workers with cash. It’s not going so great.

New York City, California Mandate Vaccines for Public Employees

Public workers must receive the vaccine or submit to weekly testing starting Sept. 13, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday. California Gov. Gavin Newsom made a similar statement.

Replacing a Government Employee Can Cost 150% of Worker's Salary

COMMENTARY | Public-sector organizations devote considerable resources to hiring, but they often overlook retention and its "evil twin" turnover. Analyzing data and acting on it can help.

Feds Reveal Programs For $3B in Local Economic Development Funds

State and local governments will have access to the money, which is flowing from the Economic Development Administration.

Pay Us More and Let Us Work From Home, State and Local Employees Say

Morale is improving, but concerns about pay and working conditions are on the rise, too, a survey shows.

Some State and Local Employees Aren’t Getting Vaccinated Because They Don’t Trust Government

Most workers report they are fully vaccinated, but a surprisingly large percentage have no intention of getting the vaccine.

Expansion of Remote Work Increases Competition Between Public, Private Sector

Workforce experts say government employers should look for ways to embrace a flexible working environment even after the pandemic in order to compete.

Judge Blocks Maryland from Cutting Federal Unemployment

Twenty-six states plan to stop providing supplemental $300-a-week unemployment payments before the program ends in September. Jobless workers in five states have challenged the decisions.

Shared Desks, Cubbyhole Storage: States Look to Shrink Office Space

The prospect of remote work beyond the pandemic has state officials seeking ways to cut real estate, while reimagining how government workspaces look and function.

Amid Pandemic Recovery, Local Health Departments Grapple With Historic Turnover

Nearly 250 public health leaders have left their jobs since last April, the largest exodus on record. In an industry where recruiting is difficult, experts worry that many positions could remain unfilled.

State Employee Unions Sue Governor Over Return-To-Work Order

A coalition of public employee unions in Connecticut say the governor’s decision to mandate that workers return to their offices violated a previous agreement between the organization and the administration.

Research Shows Labor Unions Help Lower the Risk of Poverty

COMMENTARY | Households in which there was at least one union member had an average poverty rate of 5.9%, compared with 18.9% for nonunion households, according to new research.

By Now, Burnout Is a Given

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has stripped our emotional reserves even further, laying bare our unique physical, social, and emotional vulnerabilities.

Better Customer Experience a Priority for State, Local IT Post Pandemic

Experts testified before a U.S. House committee about government digital services, noting the pandemic pushed long-standing information technology issues to the forefront.

State, Local Government Workers Vaccinated at Higher Rate Than General Public

A new report found 70% of public sector employees were vaccinated, but also reveals some troubling disparities.

Police Recruitment is Down. How One State is Partnering to Boost the Ranks

Ohio’s Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment is launching a pilot program at two universities that guarantees criminal justice graduates jobs in local law enforcement.

Hospitals Start Requiring Workers to Get Covid Shots

A judge rejected Houston hospital workers’ wrongful termination claims.

Kill the 5-Day Workweek

COMMENTARY | Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: Making American life less about work.