More Crucial Than Ever, EMS Agencies Are Short Staffed and Overworked

COMMENTARY | Adequately staffing emergency medical services has been a problem for some time, potentially putting lives at stake. The pandemic threatens to make shortages worse.

3 Reasons for Information Exhaustion—and What to Do About It

COMMENTARY | Uncertainty, polarization and misinformation can make you miserable if you don't find ways to cope.

The Lopsided Telework Revolution

COMMENTARY | The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a transition to telework, protecting the jobs and the health of those whose work can be performed remotely. Creative policies in a post-pandemic world are needed to help more broadly distribute the benefits of increased remote work.

Another Region Offers Remote Workers $10,000—and a Bike!—to Move

Northwest Arkansas will provide a cash incentive and a street or mountain bike to qualified remote workers who relocate to the area.

Top Tech Companies Begin Pushing Priorities for Biden Administration

Microsoft, IBM and other companies urged the president-elect to consider policies for boosting workforce development, solving the pandemic and addressing biometrics in surveillance.

Covid-19 Will Likely Shrink Job Market For College Grads

COMMENTARY | As firms adjust to the Covid-19 economic slowdown, the job market for new college graduates is expected to decline for the first time in more than a decade.

Governments Offered Hazard Pay to Frontline Workers. Can They Keep It Up?

With the virus surging across the country, it is unclear whether governments will again offer lump sum payments or keep paying out augmented salaries.

The Big Success Story of the Election Is the One You Didn’t Hear

COMMENTARY | Government employees were the unsung heroes of the voting process.

America Chose Sickness, and Lost the Economy

COMMENTARY | There is no saving the economy without guaranteeing worker health.

A City’s 48-Hour Push to Maintain 311 Service With At-Home Staff

The Buffalo, New York program highlights how the coronavirus has forced many state and local governments to quickly adopt new technology. Some officials see lasting value in the changes.

The Future of Work Post-Pandemic: We’re Not Going Back

COMMENTARY | Suddenly, the conversation about telework has shifted from “do we have the right technologies in place?” to “do we have the right people policies and training in place?”

The Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe

When no one agrees on reality in a pandemic, it’s hard to figure out what to fear.

State and Local Leaders Raise Concerns About Remote Work Hurting Productivity

Government finance and administrative officials responding to a recent survey also said that their departments have taken on more work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers Fired, Penalized for Reporting Covid Safety Violations

A few states have passed laws specifically aimed at protecting workers who face COVID-related safety risks and retaliation for speaking up about them, but advocates say stronger federal protections are needed.

K-12 Support Staff Hit by School Workforce Cuts

But employment losses in state and local education are still coming into focus.

Sleepless Nights, Hair Loss and Cracked Teeth: Pandemic Stress Takes Its Toll

“The mental health component of COVID is starting to come like a tsunami,” said on psychiatrist.

Reading Too Much Political News Is Bad for Your Well-Being

Obsessing over politics could hurt your happiness and your relationships.

Cities Giving Paid Leave to Employees to Work the Polls

Facing shortages of poll workers, some city officials are allowing employees to volunteer as election workers in exchange for paid leave.

Want to Solve Society’s Most Urgent Problems? Cash Prizes Can Spur Breakthroughs

COMMENTARY | Big cash prizes can be big motivators for people to get involved in developing innovative ideas.

865,000 Women Left the Workforce Last Month

Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September—but women still left it at alarming numbers.