Public Sector Work Equals High Job Satisfaction

A new workforce survey reveals what employees love about the public sector, and what’s driving them away.

Home-Based Care: Fixing the Childcare Drought in Rural America

Some rural counties are trying an approach to tackle childcare shortages. A new program supports home-based childcare providers with resources, education, and grants.

Feds to Hand Out $39B to Chip Makers in Workforce Development Subsidies

To access the funding, companies will not only need to show how they plan to train and recruit workers, but also how they will provide child care.

Legislative Staffs Are Pushing to Unionize

Since Oregon successfully unionized in 2021, statehouse employees in half a dozen states have also sought to organize.

California Dangles Bonuses for Nursing Homes That Add Staff

Rather than simply reward top-performing facilities, the state’s Medicaid program will hand bonuses to nursing homes — even low-rated ones — for hiring more workers and reducing staff turnover.

Finding Public Sector Workers in High Schools

Though many young people are ignorant about jobs in the public sector, internships can help educate them and draw them into the workforce.

Cyber Training Expands to Local Leaders

The National Cybersecurity Center will offer the training every two years, and push local governments to take advantage of free resources and information-sharing.

New York’s Death Grip on In-office Work is Starting to Loosen

Amid workforce crises, Eric Adams cracks open the door to “flexible” arrangements and Kathy Hochul invests in a hybrid future.

The Worker Shortage Is Real. Could Tech Help Governors Close Gaps?

Business leaders pointed to high-tech job training and tools like artificial intelligence as possible solutions to the historic shortage of workers.

As Texas Booms, Local Governments — Especially in Small Towns — Struggle to Find Workers

A cascade of issues including inflation and growing distrust in government aren’t helping local governments hire for critical positions in public safety and utilities.

‘Whole Nation’ Effort Needed to Build Broadband Workforce

Federal investment could mean the creation of up to 150,000 broadband-related jobs, but state and local leaders must build robust apprenticeship programs and commit to diversity to make it happen.

Are Pensions the Answer to the Public-Sector Worker Shortage?

COMMENTARY | Research shows that pension benefits overwhelmingly help attract skilled workers, especially millennials.

Can Women Help Fill the Shortage of Trade Workers? Unions Are Betting On It.

But with only about 2 percent of tradespersons identifying as women, recruitment and retention initiatives by unions are just scratching the surface.

State Looks to ‘Unconventional’ Tactics to Find Talent

The Indiana Office of Technology eliminated degree requirements for most jobs in 2019, and now it uses a work-based learning apprenticeship program to reskill employees keen to learn IT.

States Strive to Reverse Shortage of Paramedics, EMTs

Two-thirds of states considered legislation last year related to emergency medical workers.

The States Gaining the Most Clean Energy Jobs

A new analysis finds companies have announced more than 100,000 positions in fields like solar and wind power and battery-making since Democrats pushed through a massive climate law.

Several States to Consider Ending Subminimum Wages

Workers in the restaurant industry typically make around $2.13 an hour plus tips. The volatility of that wage is one reason several states are introducing bills to replace it with a minimum wage.

State & Local Roundup: Cranking Up Workforce Development Programs

Plus: A governor moves to rein in remote work. City workers go on strike. A semiconductor factory announcement. And more news you can use from across the country.

Human Resources Has a Data Problem. Here’s How To Fix It

COMMENTARY | Public sector HR departments need to evolve from counting activities and outputs to measuring results and outcomes.

A Journey from Work to Home is About More Than Just Getting There

COMMENTARY | The psychological benefits of commuting that remote work doesn’t provide.