Covid-19 Nomads Heed Pandemic Call of the Road

States want to attract well-heeled remote workers.

Child Care Benefits at Work: This App Helps your Employer Pay Your Family and Friends for Babysitting

Helpr, one of the fastest growing apps offering backup child care, is behind new legislation in California that would require big employers to give their workers subsidized backup care.

Small Business Owners Can’t Find Qualified Workers, Survey Finds

The National Federation of Independent Business says the pandemic and increased unemployment benefits are keeping people out of the labor market.

What Inspired Digital Nomads to Flee America’s Big Cities May Spur Legions of Remote Workers to Do the Same

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has spurred many workers to contemplate their futures – and whether they ever want to return to office life.

Moms do More Parenting When Working From Home

COMMENTARY | “It turns out that when the mother is working remotely and her partner isn’t, she ends up taking on a ton more responsibilities,” says one of the authors of a new study on the topic.

The Hidden Toll of Remote Work

Switching to Zoom forever might be convenient, but it’s a recipe for loneliness.

U.S. Unemployment Claims Fall to Under 700,000, Lowest Since Pandemic

More than 18.9 million people still are collecting benefits, but economists are confident hiring will pick up.

Share of Remote Workers Comfortable Returning to Office Rises, Survey Finds

But the results also suggest most people want to see their coworkers vaccinated before going back.

Biden Administration Preparing $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Jobs Plan, Reports Say

The president is expected to receive the plan this week, according to reports from The New York Times and The Washington Post.

A Quick and Low-Cost Way to Drive Results-Focused Government

COMMENTARY | Creating a “community of practice,” where agency staff interested in evidence, data and innovation gather regularly, can help to build a culture of learning and improvement.

Four Causes of 'Zoom Fatigue' and What You Can Do About It

Videoconferencing platforms like Zoom can really lead to real fatigue, researchers warn.

Public Employees’ Use of Personal Phones, Tablets Puts Local Governments at Risk

A cybersecurity report found that 25% of state and local government employees use personal digital devices to telework while only 9% of federal employees do so.

Proposals Would Help States and Localities With Paid Leave Costs

Congressional lawmakers reintroduced bills that would extend payroll tax credits to state and local governments, to help offset the expense of coronavirus-related leave for their workers.

Grocery Groups Sue Over Mandated Hazard Pay for Workers

Two industry trade groups sued the city of Seattle over a new law requiring a $4-per-hour hazard pay raise.

Another Big Company Plans for Remote Work Beyond the Pandemic

Salesforce, one of San Francisco's top employers, says it expects the majority of its workers will be going into the office fewer than five days a week.

Nearly 29,000 Residents Apply for Free Community College Tuition in State Program's First Week

The Michigan Reconnect Program provides residents 25 and older with free community college tuition and scholarships for skilled trades training, part of a larger initiative to increase the number of working-age residents with degrees.

After Hundreds of Meatpacking Workers Died From Covid-19, Congress Wants Answers

A key House subcommittee cited reports by ProPublica and other news outlets in launching an investigation into how the country’s meatpacking companies handled the pandemic, which has killed hundreds of workers to date.

Covid-19's Lasting Mark on Remote Work in State and Local Agencies

It's clear that some telework practices in many workplaces will outlast the pandemic. But which ones and to what extent?

How Agencies in One State Struggled With the Transition to Telework

Less than one-fifth of state employees in Louisiana had ever worked remotely before the pandemic, and with no consistent work-from-home policy or guidelines in place, agencies had a hard time helping them do it, according to an audit.