With Prices Rising, States and Cities Must Raise Their Minimum Wages

COMMENTARY | Some states and localities have already pegged minimum wage hikes to inflation. But with the federal pay floor stuck at $7.25 for over a decade, it's time for more to take action.

Feds Announce 32 Winners for $500M in Workforce Grants

The program is funded through the American Rescue Plan. Its goal is to expand job training programs for 15 key sectors, including energy, health care, manufacturing and information technology.

Bus Driver Shortage Undercutting Local Transit Systems Nationwide

The lack of drivers has forced seven out of 10 agencies to cut or delay service, according to a new report.

Cities and Towns Embrace 'Summer Fridays' for Their Workers

The trend towards more flexible and shorter work weeks in the summer months comes amid tight competition for public sector talent. "We’re seeing a strong push for quality-of-life enhancements," says one town administrator.

The Best and Worst States for Business

One southern state tops a new set of rankings, while another one came in last. Where does your state score among the 50?

For State Transportation Agencies, a Long Road To Increase Diversity

DOTs have often lagged when it comes to filling jobs with women and people of color. With a new emphasis on equity in the sector, there are signs that may finally be changing.

States and Localities Plan for Billions in ARPA Workforce Spending

White House figures suggest over $40 billion from the pandemic relief law could go to workforce development, with a sizable chunk of investment through state and local programs.

A Wave of Retirements is Offering One State a Unique Chance to Diversify Its Workforce

Connecticut recently saw thousands of state employees retire in response to benefit changes. Now, some see the rehiring process as a major opportunity to close equity gaps with race, ethnicity and gender at state agencies.

How States and Localities Can Plan for the Growing Economic Uncertainty

COMMENTARY | Mixed signals are making it difficult for government finance officers to get a clear outlook for the future economy. Here's what they can do, says one county CFO.

Energy-Producing States Lag in Latest Economic Numbers

Energy companies, short of workers, aren’t ready to increase production.

Virtual Meetings Stymie Creative Teamwork

A new study finds that in-person teams generate more ideas than remote teams working on the same problem -- possibly because when people focus on the narrow field of vision of a screen, their thinking becomes narrower as well.

A Plan To Help Public Workers With Autism Succeed—and Fill Jobs Too

The new North Carolina program is meant to assist neurodivergent state employees in achieving professional goals, offering free career coaching and other services.

Without Housing, Communities Struggle to Attract Summer Workers

National parks and other seasonal venues are raising salaries but that's not enough to fill all jobs available.

4 Proven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining State and Local Government Workers

COMMENTARY | To be competitive in this challenging new work environment, governments not only need to evaluate their salaries and benefits, but also change the way they recruit, develop, engage and retain talent.

How Local Governments Are Advancing Workers’ Rights, and Why Even More Should Get Involved

COMMENTARY | Cities are spearheading efforts to pass and enforce local labor laws that are improving standards for workers in their communities.

Why Job Applicants Are Frustrated With the State and Local Government Hiring Process

New survey findings reveal that many workers are interested in public sector jobs, but get bogged down in the application phase.

States Need to Invest in Their Unemployment Systems, Labor Secretary Says

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told congressional lawmakers that the federal government also has to contribute to upgrading the system that the Government Accountability Office deemed a poorly performing government program.

Hybrid Workforce is Making Public Sector IT Management More Difficult

The trend toward more remote work is challenging for government IT professionals to keep networks secure, according to a recent report.

What’s Next for the State and Local Government Workforce

Route Fifty will explore the major workforce trends affecting government at our free virtual State of the SLG Workforce summit.

Why People Are Moving Away From Big Urban Counties

New research suggests that housing costs and remote work are fueling a lasting shift in where people are choosing to live.