Retiring Early Can Be Bad for the Brain

COMMENTARY | A study of a retirement program in China found that people who retired early suffered significant cognitive decline that put them at risk of early onset of dementia.

Retiring Early Can Be Bad for the Brain

COMMENTARY | A study of a retirement program in China found that people who retired early suffered significant cognitive decline that put them at risk of early onset of dementia.


What to Do When the Future Feels Hopeless

Humans like to feel optimistic about and in control of where their life is headed. The pandemic has made it very hard to feel that way.

Millennials ‘Can’t Even’ Get Ahead—They’re Already Too Far Behind

Anne Helen Petersen’s new book "Can’t Even" interrogates the lies millennials were told about having it all.

Tennessee Reduces Improper Unemployment Payments through Data and Determination

COMMENTARY | The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development implemented technology solutions to help mitigate improper unemployment insurance payouts.

How Good Is Your Phishing Training? A New Tool Could Help Figure That Out.

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are looking to pool more data from outside organizations to further refine it.

Survey: More than Half the Tech Workforce Say Pandemic Hurting Career Progression

Networking opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic have been at a minimum, and it’s negatively impacting the private-sector workforce.

‘All Kinds of Opportunity Here’: Will the Pandemic Help Improve the Way Cities Operate?

The virus brought about sudden changes to the way cities do business, some of which could stick. Local government leaders discussed this and other ways cities might transform during the final day of Route Fifty's Future Cities event.

Inclusion Starts with Better Management—Here's What Employees Say about Making Diversity Work

COMMENTARY | To fully tap into the positive outcomes of diversity, organizations need to focus on inclusion.

Young People Fueling a Pandemic Rise in Freelancing, Report Says

A survey of American workers revealed that young people between ages 18 to 22 are increasingly picking up freelancing.

Grant Funding Will Help Bolster Financial Literacy Programs for State and Local Public Workers

Recent research found that two-thirds of public employees are interested in workplace programs that provide guidance on how to better manage their finances.

Employers in D.C. Region Expect Some Remote Work Into Mid-2021, Survey Finds

About 60% of respondents anticipated less than a third of workers would return to the office by early September because of coronavirus risks. Some are planning for a portion of staff to still be working remotely even next summer.

Why Female Bosses Get Different Reactions Than Men When They Criticize Employees

COMMENTARY | This has important implications for the success of women in leadership.

Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover

The social and economic costs borne by young people without offices.

Extra $300 Unemployment Benefit Coming to End as Money Runs Out

President Trump took executive action to extend the benefit after an earlier federal program that provided $600 a week lapsed.

The Clocklike Regularity of Major Life Changes

Transitions feel like an abnormal disruption to life, but in fact they are a predictable and integral part of it.

Shrinking State and Local Government Office Space

COMMENTARY | With states and local officials searching for ways to cut budgets, many are looking to reduce how much real estate they occupy.

Local Governments Add Some Jobs in August, But State and Local Payrolls Still Way Down

State and local governments have about 1 million fewer employees than they did a year ago.

What Are Parents Supposed to Do With Their Kids?

With public schools closed, at least 15 states have no free child-care options for essential workers.

Why Public Sector Employee Worries about Finances Should Worry Us All

COMMENTARY | As Covid-19 puts increased financial strain on the state and local government workforce, employers must find innovative approaches to shore up workers' financial security. Otherwise, vital services and programs delivered to communities throughout the nation could be at risk.

Why It’s So Lonely at the Top

Work friendships are crucial to happiness. What happens when you can’t make them?