The New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Lead to Happiness

COMMENTARY | And better ones to consider instead.

How to Outsmart Your Covid-19 Fears and Boost Your Mood in 2021

COMMENTARY | Releasing negative emotions is the first step in preventing stress overload.

A Burnout Crisis Hits Government

COMMENTARY | A soon-to-be released survey reveals some surprising findings about local and state public sector employees’ struggles and how helping them feel connected to each other can reduce burnout.

The Year We Lost

When we look back on 2020, will we see past all the things that didn’t happen?

Local Health Departments Are Understaffed. Would Biden’s ‘Public Health Jobs Corps’ Help?

Public health leaders say the president-elect’s idea for a corps to help with contact tracing would miss the mark of current needs on the ground, saying they are looking for broader, and more long lasting, federal support.

Farmworkers, Firefighters and Flight Attendants Jockey for Vaccine Priority

Everyone — from toilet paper manufacturers to patient advocates — is lobbying state advisory boards, arguing their members are essential, vulnerable or both — and, thus, most deserving of an early vaccine

Biden Team Tries Recruiting Tech Workers Through Source Code

If you find the hidden message, you might be someone the incoming administration wants to hire.

Some States Train Jobless for Post-Pandemic Workforce

At least nine states are paying for short-term training.

In November, Men Dropped Out of the Workforce at Higher Rates than Women

November was the first time in what has been dubbed the first female recession that men suffered greater losses than women. About 347,000 left the labor force.

It’s Time to Reform the Public Sector Workforce

COMMENTARY | The public sector workforce is in the midst of a major transformation brought on by the pandemic, creating a need for public sector employers to redesign the employee experience.

Measuring Your Happiness Can Help Improve It

Are you a Mad Scientist, a Cheerleader, a Sober Judge, or a Poet?

Americans Got Tired of Looking Bad on Zoom

The pandemic’s at-home workers are discovering what internet influencers have long known: If you want to be taken seriously, get good lighting.

Why Employers Find It So Hard to Test for Covid

A board overseeing occupational safety in California approved the nation's first emergency rule to require employers to provide testing to all workers after an outbreak.

How Social Work is Changing in the Covid Era

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has forced the entire social work industry to rapidly evolve and adapt to a virtual environment.

One State Will Use Education College Students to Plug Ongoing Teacher Shortage

Education students in Connecticut can serve as apprentice teachers in classrooms, getting paid the same rate as substitute teachers without needing to be certified.

Disasters Are Inevitable; Government’s Inadequate Response Is Not

COMMENTARY | New research analyzing the responses of hundreds of local leaders identified common obstacles and proven ways to overcome them.

More Crucial Than Ever, EMS Agencies Are Short Staffed and Overworked

COMMENTARY | Adequately staffing emergency medical services has been a problem for some time, potentially putting lives at stake. The pandemic threatens to make shortages worse.

3 Reasons for Information Exhaustion—and What to Do About It

COMMENTARY | Uncertainty, polarization and misinformation can make you miserable if you don't find ways to cope.

The Lopsided Telework Revolution

COMMENTARY | The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a transition to telework, protecting the jobs and the health of those whose work can be performed remotely. Creative policies in a post-pandemic world are needed to help more broadly distribute the benefits of increased remote work.

Another Region Offers Remote Workers $10,000—and a Bike!—to Move

Northwest Arkansas will provide a cash incentive and a street or mountain bike to qualified remote workers who relocate to the area.