How a Virginia County Wooed Amazon and Boeing

It takes more than tax breaks to get big tech companies to move to a locality, government officials say.

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How to Recruit and Manage Short-term Workers

State and local governments have greater reliance on temporary staff, but challenges abound. There are new ways to make these arrangements work.

The Front Lines of Government Cybersecurity Defense

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Why Young Workers Don't Want Government Jobs—and What To Do About It

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How Employee Well-Being May Improve With a 4-Day Workweek

A new Gallup poll takes a look, but also finds that worker engagement doesn't necessarily rise by shaving a day from the standard full-time schedule.

Why Public Service and Public Servants Should Be Celebrated

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5 Things Women Job Seekers Want

Women want better pay and work-life balance but also value working in diverse organizations, among other factors, a new Gallup poll reveals.

How Managers Can Become More Effective Leaders

A new report from Gallup identifies seven leadership traits found among managers of high performing teams, and offers tips for how to develop these skills.

States Offer Supplemental Wages to Retain Child Care Workers

COMMENTARY | Ensuring eligible employees enroll to receive the pay benefit can be a challenge. New research offers three strategies that can help.

Employers Aggressively Recruiting Workers Not Seeking New Jobs

The increase in remote work has led to “boundary-less” recruiting, giving companies access to a larger pool of candidates, a new report shows.

Short on Workers, State and Local Governments Look to Retirees

Lawmakers in multiple states are pursuing rule changes to enable former public sector employees to return to fields like corrections, bus driving and teaching.

States Look to Virtual Reality for Workforce Development

Alabama and Arkansas have been using the technology to familiarize potential workers with entry-level skills.

5 Ways to Overcome the Hiring and Retention Crisis Without Raising Pay

Higher salaries alone are unlikely to be a cure-all for public sector workforce shortages. Some states and localities are experimenting with other approaches for attracting and keeping employees.

States Look to Community Colleges to Fill Labor Gap

Tuition incentives could steer more people toward workforce needs.

‘There’s a Large Amount of Fraud Out There,’ Says Special IG for Pandemic Recovery

The role is “not a political job in any way, shape or form” and “if we go out of business, then I think you're missing a key element of … oversight,” Brian Miller says.

Abusive Bosses Often Blame Workers for Poor Performance When Their Biases May Be the Problem

About one in seven workers say their managers are abusive, whether it involves ridicule or a failure to provide credit when it’s due.

Death Threats, Stress and Signs of Crisis in the Public Health Workforce

Nearly one in three public health workers are considering leaving their jobs within the next year, according to a new survey, as PTSD and deteriorating mental health appear to be on the rise.

Younger Lawmakers Leaving Statehouses For Better Pay, Work-life Balance

Low salaries and long hours are among the reasons elected officials under age 40 say they are exiting midterm or not running for reelection.

Young Women Earn the Same or More Than Male Peers in These US Cities

Nevertheless, only about 16% of all working women age 30 or younger live in the areas where they are at or above wage parity with men, the report shows.