Grappling With the Public Sector Workforce Shortage Crush

When positions aren’t appealing to applicants, sometimes the jobs need to be changed, government hiring officials say.

Living When Things Suck in Government

COMMENTARY | Things are not good right now and it's time to acknowledge it.

Snowy Roads Will Be Cleared, But It Will ‘Take Extra Time’

The ongoing labor shortage has exacerbated existing plow driver hiring problems, transportation officials said.

States Should Permanently Lift Practice Barriers for Nurses

COMMENTARY | Nurses can be a key force in helping to bridge gaps in health care access. But many states deny them the ability to practice to their full capabilities.

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is a Trend That Began Before the Pandemic–And Bosses Need To Get Used to It

A record share of workers quit their jobs in September. A human resources scholar explains how this is a trend that predates the pandemic.

One County Will Give $76 Million in ‘Hero Pay’ to Public Employees for Covid Response

Most full-time workers in California’s Santa Clara County will receive $2,500 bonuses, all paid for with the county's federal Covid-19 relief allotment.

The Government Job Application Drop-off is 'Snowballing'

The data is alarming: Between fiscal 2019 and 2021, applications per job dropped 32% in states and localities, data shows. But there are strategies to counteract the trend.

The (Long) Waiting Game to Get My Student Loans Forgiven

COMMENTARY | The student loan forgiveness process for public servants is a disaster. After almost five years, I’m still waiting to have all my loans forgiven.

Homelessness, Homicides and Hospitality: One City’s Ongoing Reputation Problem

Portland, Oregon, once a popular travel destination for business travelers, foodies and nature lovers, is struggling to regain its tourism footing after months of social justice protests and record crime rates.

The American Workplace Isn’t Prepared for This Much Grief

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has highlighted the fact that without a federal bereavement policy, many people are subject to the whims of state legislatures and individual companies.

Thousands of City Workers Suspended Without Pay Over Vaccine Noncompliance

About 91% of New York City’s municipal workforce is vaccinated, but the police and fire departments are getting vaccinated at lower rates.

The 'Great Resignation' is an Opportunity for Local Government to Create Purpose for Employees

COMMENTARY | The nature of work has changed. Purpose-driven strategic plans can build purpose for workers across an organization.

These Cities Raised Wages for Municipal Workers to $15 an Hour

To attract and keep employees in a tight labor market, some local governments are bumping up hourly pay.

'An Absolutely Fascinating' Local Government Job

Coroners operate "in the shadows of local government" and their profession is misunderstood. Longtime coroner Dotti Owens explains why "this is my thing."

Public Health Workers Make Case for Student Loan Repayment Program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee heard testimony Tuesday on a bill that would forgive up to $35,000 annually in student loans for individuals who work in public health for three years.

The Future of Work Is Hybrid – Here’s an Expert’s Recommendations for Success

COMMENTARY | Even when the pandemic ends, the vast majority of US companies are expected to let many employees continue to work at least part time from home.

Supply Chain Issues, Poll Worker Shortages Worry States Ahead of Elections

Election officials in some states are recruiting more poll workers but say getting power supplies and extension cords are also problems.

Cities Crack Down on Unvaccinated Municipal Workers

New York City expanded its vaccine mandate to all employees Wednesday while Chicago began to place police officers who refused to disclose vaccine status on unpaid leave.

How One State Tech Agency Strives to Attract and Retain Great Workers

A "culture of public service" is key, but initiatives like "no meetings Thursday" can also help, officials said.

Public Health Workers Request Federal Aid to Combat Threats

After the Justice Department said it would intervene to assist school boards and educators who have become the target of harassment during the pandemic, a public health association wants the same resources.