New York City Will Cut Some of Its 21,000 Vacant Government Positions

As the city eliminates more unfilled jobs, its ability to hire for crucial remaining positions and retain existing employees is key.

Thousands of Experts Hired to Aid Public Health Departments Are Losing Their Jobs

As the Covid-19 pandemic raged, an independent nonprofit tied to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hired an army of seasoned professionals to fill the gaps in the country’s public health system. Now, the money has largely run out, and state and local health departments are again without their expertise.

Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than $1 an Hour. The State Says It’s Fine If That Never Changes

Sheltered workshops are meant to employ disabled adults as they prepare to enter the regular workforce. In Missouri, these workers rarely graduate to higher-paying jobs.

New US Industrial Policy Creates Incentives for High-quality Jobs

COMMENTARY | The last few years have been big for federal industrial policy, funneling billions into industries that have historically been union-friendly and well paying. Here's how those laws can change the labor market for the better.

Can AI Tutors Give the Nation’s Workforce a Competitive Edge?

The number of workers needing new skills across a variety of emerging technology fields will soon outpace the nation’s ability to train them, but researchers at the Defense Department have a plan involving artificial intelligence.

Government Employee Input—‘Shark Tank’ Style

Missouri has a way for frontline state employees to pitch ideas to high-level judges in hopes of getting them implemented. It's based on a reality TV show.

The High Toll of Work on Mental Health and Its Hit to Productivity

New survey findings show that more than a third of workers say their jobs are a drag on their mental health, with government employees topping a list of those reporting ill effects.

American Workers Feel Alienated, Helpless and Overwhelmed – Here’s One Way to Alleviate Their Malaise

COMMENTARY | What if the best parts of two competing visions for a solution were brought together?

Could Tech Workers do Peace Corps-like Stints for New York City?

Announcing a new legal fellows program to help address a shortage of city lawyers, Mayor Eric Adams said he wants other industries to loan employees to municipal government.

The Future of Government Jobs: No Field Will Be the Same

It’s impossible to perfectly predict what state and local public sector employment will look like a decade from now. But some clear signs are emerging.

The Future of Government Jobs: Change is Inevitable

But it may not be smooth for everyone in the state and local workforce. “Major disruptors are converging at a pace that we haven’t had happen, at least in my lifetime,” notes one expert.

The Future of State and Local Government Jobs

Public sector workplaces are expected to change dramatically in the coming years, with major implications for employees and agencies. In this special series, Route Fifty explores what’s ahead.

Bringing Good Jobs to Coal Country

COMMENTARY | New projects in Appalachia show how the region can seize on a growing wave of climate infrastructure investment to build a workforce that is diverse, well-paid, and protected by strong labor standards.

5 Ways to Improve Jobs for People Incarcerated in US Prisons

COMMENTARY | To understand how best to reform and improve prison jobs and better meet the needs of people in prison, decision-makers can build on the existing evidence and listen to those who are incarcerated.

New York City Council Staff Won’t Give Up Hybrid Work Without a Fight

The council staff’s union sent a petition to Speaker Adrienne Adams calling for continued hybrid work flexibility, which is set to end on Oct. 31.

What Workers Want From Their Jobs Other Than Good Pay

Labor researchers say while wages are important, other elements can also help to recruit employees and keep them aboard.

How One State is Trying to Prevent a Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

They’re moving ahead with a set of new programs and working closely with colleges and universities to get more people into a field where jobs can be tough to fill.

Quiet Quitting and the Great Resignation Have a Common Cause

COMMENTARY | Dissatisfied workers feel they can’t speak up in the workplace.

Building a More Diverse Public Sector Hiring Pipeline

Local governments are rethinking how they go about connecting with job candidates. “It’s just not enough to post a position and then say we have no qualified diverse talent,” says one official.

How ARPA Funding Has Improved the Labor Market

COMMENTARY | Pandemic aid from the American Rescue Plan Act has helped reduce unemployment, improve pay and offer much needed child care services for working families.