How Local Governments Are Advancing Workers’ Rights, and Why Even More Should Get Involved

COMMENTARY | Cities are spearheading efforts to pass and enforce local labor laws that are improving standards for workers in their communities.

Why Job Applicants Are Frustrated With the State and Local Government Hiring Process

New survey findings reveal that many workers are interested in public sector jobs, but get bogged down in the application phase.

States Need to Invest in Their Unemployment Systems, Labor Secretary Says

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told congressional lawmakers that the federal government also has to contribute to upgrading the system that the Government Accountability Office deemed a poorly performing government program.

Hybrid Workforce is Making Public Sector IT Management More Difficult

The trend toward more remote work is challenging for government IT professionals to keep networks secure, according to a recent report.

What’s Next for the State and Local Government Workforce

Route Fifty will explore the major workforce trends affecting government at our free virtual State of the SLG Workforce summit.

Why People Are Moving Away From Big Urban Counties

New research suggests that housing costs and remote work are fueling a lasting shift in where people are choosing to live.

4 Strategies to Create Good Jobs, Boost Equity With Federal Infrastructure Funds

COMMENTARY | The Biden administration is judging applicants for new infrastructure grants based on their ability to do these two things. Here are four proven models to increase your community’s shot at winning funding.

The Best-Performing Cities in the US

The top large and small cities based on job, wage and high-tech growth are mainly in the western and southern regions, according to a recent report.

The Big Debate Around Statehouses: What to Do With Budget Surpluses

States had another year of exceptional revenue growth driven by a number of factors, but the conversation around how to reward taxpayers is complicated.

NYC Municipal Employees Call for Hybrid Work in Face of Mayor's Return-to-Office Demands

“I’m too tired to be really angry about it anymore,” one worker said of city hall's mandatory in person work policy.

The States That Get the Biggest Boost From Parks and Rec Spending

More than 10,000 local parks and recreation agencies nationwide drive more than $200 billion annually in economic activity, according to a recent report.

How Government Workers Can Plan For a Secure Retirement

COMMENTARY | Public sector employees need more active support to build financial security for retirement. Here are three ways to help them.

A State Tries to Attract Public Workers Who Have Resume Gaps

In Utah, a first-of-its kind program provides training and mentorship for people taking government jobs after time away from the workforce.

10 Reasons Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs

Low salaries are just one reason for record-high turnover, according to a recent report.

As Remote Work Persists, Cities Struggle to Adapt

The shift to remote work will prompt cities to focus on broadband access and remote shared workspaces, as they contend for workers who can live anywhere.

Top 10 Cities for Relocations

Eight of the top places people moved to last year are in the South and Southwest, according to a new report.

State and Local Governments Shifting to ‘New Normal’ Workplace

With lessons from the rapid shift to telework, governments are adopting permanent hybrid environments and keeping nimble, problem-solving mentalities.

How a Virginia County Wooed Amazon and Boeing

It takes more than tax breaks to get big tech companies to move to a locality, government officials say.

Why I Remain a Local Government Employee

COMMENTARY | Many public sector workers are leaving their jobs. Here’s why I am staying.